Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trout Dreams!!!!

Well, the little fella decided to show up a few days earlier than expected.  I figured that he was making sure that he was fully ready for the trout season opener on March 3rd.  

Everyone say hi to:

Finnigan Forrester Stone Ewing

Born February 18th 2012  12:32a.m.

8lbs 10oz.  and 21 inches long

I wonder which stream he is dreaming about :)

Until Next Time......Tight Lines to All!!!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Only 2 Weeks Until Baby Trout !!!!!

 Usually this time of year I am getting excited about 2 things.  Our anniversary, March 3rd, this will be our 11th!  Then of course comes the trout season opener, which is the first Saturday of March.  Talk about a great way to get the stink of winter off of my person :)  This year though brings something even more exciting than above mentioned,  A BRAND NEW BABY BOY !!!!  It was over ten years ago that we last added a boy to the family.  We are all super excited and have been trying to come up with names ever since we found out the news.  So far we have figured out his first name and his last name :)  Still working on the middle name.  I have put up a new poll at the bottom section of my blog and would appreciate your opinion if your willing to give it.   Please choose one of the names that you like the best.  I can't wait until he is finally here in our arms and able to hang out with his new family. 

Until Next Time ........Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!

Don't Forget to Vote :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Hit Wonders !!

Here a few flies I tied up for this up coming trout season.  I call them one hit wonders for two reasons.  One the fact that one cast into the water and there is a good chance the fly will come back without any sand left on it.  The second reason is I am hoping that one nicely placed sand covered fly and the fish will bite.  I love it when a fish hits on the first cast.  That usually means it is going to be a good day on the stream. Only less than a month left of this torture and then the fish will be lining up for photos :)  

Winter is Almost Gone :)

Until Next Time........Tight Lines to All !!!

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