Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trout MaGee's Tiny Little Movie :)

Here is a little video that I threw together from the other day.  Sorry about the shaky beginning and the music choice.  The music I originally used off of my computer was not usable due to copyright infringement.  So bare with me, I promise the videos will get better with time :)  I finally got good internet out here in the boonies.  This video is from a stream that is within walking distance of my home.  Sorry about the lack of video catching fish, most of them were biting after dusk and the flipcam couldn't get the video.  Hope it's not to shardy :) 

Until Next Time ........Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day and Piggish Rainbows :)

Every year we head out as a family on Earth Day and do some streamside garbage cleanup.  This year we headed to a local stream that I frequent and decided to hit it hard.  I told the kid's for every peice of trash they find, that they would get 5 cents.  They each ended up with $5.oo a peice.  I guess one man's trash really is someone elses treasure :)  They had a great time out there and my wife Bird and baby Finnigan were also able to make the trip.  The day was as beautiful as it gets and we all had a fantastic time improving the condition of the stream.  The number one item discarded this year were empty bottles of sports drinks.  Powerade, Gatorade etc...  Appearantly lazy people like their electrolites :)

After cleaning up the roadside and stream, I decided to head upstream to chase a few trout before the day ended.  At first nothing was biting then it slowly picked up.  Again I tossed the C.R.K. Zonker Minnow at them and after a while they were chasing it all over the holes.  Here are a few pics.  Hope you enjoy them.  :)

Until Next Time ...... Tight Lines to All !!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

They Just Can't Resist It :)

Here is a Castle Rock Killer Zonker Streamer I tied up recently. Check out the action on this fly. It looks like it is a real fish waiting for food to float by. The browns love it and so do the Brookies!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Driftless Streamers - Friday the 13th - New Brook Trout Stream

The forecast was calling for rain the next 4 days, so I thought it would be a good idea and get out before it rained to much and muddied things up.  The sky's were gray and it looked like the rain could fall at any moment.  Ah the perfect time to head out I thought as the raindrops started to spatter my deck.  I had a stream in mind that I was hoping to get permission on so I headed over the hill and proceeded to start asking.  I ended up stopping at 3 different farms and was granted permission to fish the entire stretch I was hoping to.  It may have been Friday the 13th but things were looking good to me :) 

Trouts Paradise

I recently did a fly swap with John of the blog : --- Currents --- He sent some beauty streamers my way and I sent some nice fluffy dry flies his way.  When I received the package in the mail I was super pumped to get out there and send some of these flies deep.  This stream had nice dark green deep holes at every bend, what better of a place to test them out.   I tied one on and trailed it with a small bead head then proceeded to gear up.  Here are the streamers from John of Iowa's Driftless Area.  Superb!

Which One is Your Favorite ?

The Clouds Role in and SO DOES THE WIND !!

No sooner had I stepped foot onto the stream when the rain stopped and a new form of clouds rolled in and brought some hellacious winds with them.  Let's just say tossing a streamer with a trailer soon had me  wondering if my luck was about to change and I could maybe end up in the emergency room removing a fly from the back of my head :)  Well as usual  I stuck with my plan and proceeded to straight bomb the water with streamer number 1.  The first cast that hit its mark was rewarded with a nice 10 inch Brookie on the deep retrieve.  I was so excited and so was the Brookie, the next thing I know it slipped from my hand back into the stream just as quick as it came.  Oh well I was just stoked to see that Brookies inhabited the stream.  The next hole I ran the fly deep but retrieved it upstream and had a bite, then the fly was gone.  Huge trout or snapping turtle, not quite sure.  Bummer!  I quickly tied on a new streamer and it soon proved to be a good choice.

This Fly was the Bee's Knee's for sure.  Love the Olive !

Hungry Fella !! There ya Go!

Another one bites the Bugger :)

Why is the sound of water so peaceful ? :)

Even the little ones couldn't resist a meal almost half their size.

Fish of the day was a nice 17.5 inch Brown female that took me for a ride.

I moved downstream to the next stretch and it was windier than ever.  The farmer told me that back in the 80's there were more than 600 horses being pastured above his land on a state owned property.  He said the water was as brown as chocolate milk and that every last fish was killed.  It amazes me how quickly some of these streams recover with a little help from the land owners, Trout Unlimited and the states DNR projects.  The first cast in and a nice Brown came to hand on the same streamer as above.  Due to all the wind knots and the heavy fly I would end up losing that sweet bugger after all.  I ended up tying on a wild streamer that I had tied up the night before and was excited to see it produce some fish itself.  

Nicest colors of the day award.

Wild Cat Streamer did the trick.  The fish hit as soon as the fly hit the water.

The wind ended up besting me after fishing a few hours and the rain never did fall.  As I type this post the forecast for today was 70's with thunderstorms-clouds and it is 70's and sunnier than ever.  The best way to check the weather is to just get out there and do some fishing :)  The day proved to be worth the effort and I am just glad that Friday the 13th ended up luckier than unlucky :) 

Until Next Time..........Tight Lines to All !!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Wind Damn Near Killed Me :)

As I was sitting on our couch daydreaming about tossing some flies at any trout willing, I heard a weird, unfamiliar sound.  I thought maybe the wind blew one of our deck chairs across the deck so I hopped up quick to see what was going on outside.  When I discovered what made the noise my jaw dropped and I had that feeling in my stomach like flying past a police officer at 80 and he just keeps driving :)  This huge old White Pine had been blown over by the strong winds and the rotting of the tree combined.  Had this fallen in a different direction it could have demolished our home.  Needless to say we all thanked are lucky stars and now we don't have to worry about being crushed by it anymore.  I will miss seeing it but that is a price am willing to pay:)  The wind was whipping the next day as well, but I didn't let it stop me from fishing a new stretch on my home stream.  After living next to this creek for over 7 years I had yet to fish this stretch due to the insane weeds and marshlands surrounding it.  The DNR recently did a controlled burn on this stretch which made for some sweet hiking.  The fish were holding in deep sandy channels.  It was kind of like fishing off the breaks of sandbars in the Wisconsin River for walleye.  The small stretch I covered seemed to be holding some nice healthy trout.  It was a beautiful windy sunshiny day!! Hope you enjoy the pics :)  

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines to All !!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crystal - Clear Your Mind

The sun has been shining and things are greening up quickly here in the Driftless.  Bird's are chirping and the geese are louder than ever.  The spring peepers can be heard as soon as the sun starts to set.  Sometimes I go past patches of them that seem to be almost deafening.  I have taken a few trips in the last week or so and have discovered some new stretches of stream that yet again took my breath away.  Ocean made a trip with me.  He was sure to bring his camera and caught a lot of nice images himself.  Each time I find myself in a new location I can't help but just stand in awe at the new sites, sounds and even the trout that have their own characteristics depending on which stream you are on or what part of the stream you are fishing.  The trout I came across on one of the streams were extra aggressive and equally spooky.  When hooked they were quick to try and shake the fly.  We caught fish,photographed fish,missed fish, dropped slippery fish and spooked just as many :)  It was just what we needed :)

Until Next Time.....Tight Lines to All !!!!!

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