Thursday, March 29, 2012

Southwest Wisconsins Trout Fishing Report

Here are few pics from a few of my previous adventures.  The streams are looking good and the weather is getting better with each passing day.  Hope you enjoy.

Until Next Time......Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Stream - New Friends

Recently Sephora and I stopped and asked for permission to fish a new part of one of my favorite streams.  The person that owns the land was kind enough to give us the go ahead and fish it anytime we want.  Excellent!  We got our gear on, grabbed our poles and off we went.  It was getting later in the day so the sun was out in full effect.  Luckily we had packed a lunch and the camelbak was plum full of ice cold water.  Sephora was excited by a cat that decided to tag along on our fishing escapade and a new friend was made.  She loves cats!  The weather has been insanely warm lately so the fish were quite active and willing to chase some flies around.  I was amazed at some of the beautiful new holes we discovered on our journey.  Some stream improvement had been done to sections of it and proved to be providing some nice housing for the trout.  There was a nice stonefly hatch going on but I didn't notice a lot of fish rising to swallow them up.  I tested out a few new flies, but had most of my luck on the Mini Muddler Mud Honey.  I guess they just can't resist the peacock.  Casting proved difficult for Sephora due to all of the weeds on the back cast, so  I let her try and land a few trout, but they were slippery and escaped the net.  Next time for sure.  Here are a few pics from our journey.  Hope you enjoy the pics. 

Stone Fly Hatch

Some rip wrap to secure the banks from erosion is always helpful.

Sephora went running to her new best friend, that ended up following us on the hike.

Went a little to deep into the water so the boots had to be emptied.

Great minds think alike.

Spooked a few fish out of this stretch.

New Creation using hemp as the body for the fly.

Some good colors for this time of year.

Who cares about fish when you can toss rocks in and create a splash :)

A sweet new hole discovered.

Lunch stored in our sweet Plano box courtesy of O.B.N. ( Review to come soon )

First fish of the day fell for the M.M.M.H. creation.

First fish wide view.  Healthy and strong.

Another nice hole and another healthy brown, released by Sephora to swim another day.

There has got to be trout in them there waters :)

There's always time to stop and build a sand castle. :)

Hide Out Trout

Big ole Chubster in your face.

Another sweet hole on a different feeder stream.

This guy was hanging out at the top of the hole near the trout hide.

It is the stuff my dreams are made of :)

Just taking a detour over top of the creek on this fallen tree.

Can you find the Stonefly ?

It feels good to get out there and release some stress :)

Until Next Time..........Tight Lines to All !!!!!

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