Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Few Trout and a Few Creek Chubs.... aka Horned Dace.... and lots of beauty.

The forecast.... warm.... that's all I really payed attention to...  Turns out it would be warm alright...like damn near 8 hrs later.  I'm still not sure if I purposely ignored the wind speed, but the fact is, it didn't stop me.  I proceeded as planned.  I had stayed up super late tying all of my favorite flies the night prior and I was determined to go chuck them at some trout, whether they wanted them or not.  I chucked against the wind all day.. and I chucked and I chucked.  I chucked so hard and often my arm actually ached the next day.  Did I hit myself in the back of the head with fly rig more than once?...Yes.  Did I miss more bites than I did the entire year prior..?  Yes.  Did I give up...?... NO!  I tied on every last fly in my box and cursed the wind gods above.  I hiked till my heels hurt and knees ached... Was it worth every moment... Hells Yes.  The beauty I encountered was needed deep within my soul...the quiet rustling stream..like music to my ears.  Id be lying if I said I caught a ton of fish..2 to hand total.  I lost two nice trout hooked at the same time on a double rig.  The larger of the 2 snapped his head and off they both went... and along with it the day... Time flew by and I found myself stoked for the next chance I got to get out.. Next time the trout wont be so lucky.  They are going to hang out with my flies like it or not, and they better smile for the camera :) 

Sweet Bridge Hole along public stretch

Ham-Mushroom-Cheese Omelette and hash-browns....yummm

and toast with jam :)

Trying to pick a stream is a battle in its self.

Castle Rock Killer Conehead

If fences could talk....

Redington-St.Croix Avid set up

Getting down to the trouts level

Wishing I could also hunt Whitetail Deer here...yeah that is a big ole deer.

Little Brown Town.  aka Spirit saver...Thanks for obliging dude

Still hanging on from last year...

My take on a Pink Squirrel of sorts

Close up of my second participant :)

Early Morning frost had me shiverin me timbers...

Healthy Creek Chub ...  Horned Dace  ...

Not so healthy Creek Chub ...  Trout Food that got away maybe ?

One of the 3 streams I stopped to fish... spooked easily.. but produced bites

Last pic as the day began to slip away from me.....

Well until next time....... Tight Lines to ya'll!!!!


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    1. Norm, No problem. Glad to hear you liked the pics. Tight Lines to ya


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