Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Horned Dace - "Creek Chub"

 Just want to say sorry for the weak posting as of late.... I recently started a new job that has been occupying way to much of my time.  With a 3 day weekend I hope to at least get out there for a while and hangout with a few good friends: Brookie-Bows-and Brownie:) 

 I recently noticed that quite a bit of traffic is directed to my blog via people searching "horned fish", "horned trout", "horned dace" and "creek chub".  So I decided to do a small post for those out there who seem to have such a great interest in the fish.  Here in the Driftless some of the streams are filled with these horned creatures.  I know of a few streams where these fish tend to be a lot bigger than most.  I personally see them as a sign that the stream is healthy and doing well.  When fishing for trout, if you feel some hits that seem to be almost like a Bluegill, chances are its a chub or "horned dace" nibbling on your fly.  Here are a few pics of them and a little bit of info on them.

Little Bro with a chubster Horned Dace :)

"The creek chub is a medium-sized minnow that can reach lengths of 8-10 inches. Throughout most of the year creek chubs appear black or bluish above and silvery below, though during the spring spawning season male creek chubs take on a bright, rosy color and develop at least four large tubercles on each side of their heads. These breeding tubercles are the basis for one of the common names for the creek chub, "horned dace." Creek chubs also have a single, small barbel in the corner of each jaw that is sometimes hidden between the maxillary and pre-maxillary bones. Adult fish are most easily identified by a prominent dark spot at the base of the dorsal fin. The male creek chub builds and carefully guards a mound of small stones in which the eggs are deposited." courtesy of :

Driftless Creek Chub - "Horned Dace" 

Two Chubs at a time :)

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well here is another quick little video.  I went out when the rain started to fall.  As soon as I got out there the rain ceased to exist.  It turned sunny and it was beautiful.  The only fish I brought to hand was not captured by the camera, due to it pointing in the wrong spot.  Oh well I will get them next time.  Luckily the day was saved by the beauty that surrounded me and the peaceful sounds of the wildlife.

I know this one isn't very exciting, but the next one will hopefully be a little more fishy.  All hand gestures in the video are intended for the actual camera that seemed to jinx my trip with slow, non existent hook sets :)

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines to All !!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

FOR : Bill Trussell and Brookfield Angler :) and everyone else :)

Here is a quick little video I whipped up for BrookfieldAngler and also Bill Trussell of Fishing Through Life blogs. (Both great blogs and both very informative :)  I hope these give you a good enough idea of the how to part.  Let me know what you think :)  Also: Don't forget to twitch these just a little with each retrieve:)

Until Next Time ........Tight Lines to All !!!!!

Driftless Art Photos - Casting For Recovery

Here are a  few photos I have up for sale. 
Each is an 8x10 glossy print with an 11x14 frame.   

15% of all  Framed Photo sales will go to:
(Be sure to mention you that you viewed this blog page :)

This is a great program that "gives women the powerful tools to overcome the many challenges of breast cancer."   My Aunt Diane died from breast cancer and I know first hand how overwhelming this disease can be.  Casting For Recovery gives these women a chance to let nature invigorate their soul and mind.  A Great Cause :) 

R.I.P. to one of my favorite musicians of all time: M.C.A.- Adam Yauch - of the Beastie Boys   
F@#$!king Cancer !!

"Majestic Morning" "MAJESTIC MORNING" 

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines to All !!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Music Edit: Catching Chronicles Video...Big Browns and Baby Brook Trout!! Wisconsin's Driftless Area

Here is another video I put together from my last trip.  Nothing was biting very early and I refused to change out my fly.( Baby Brook Trout Streamer )  Finally at about 11:00 a.m. the Big Browns could no longer deny the wounded appearance of the streamer.  Again I had to use music from YOUTUBE so if you don't like it just mute it and choose some of your own tunes you would rather hear along with it.   I got permission to use some great STICK FIGURE music that I think goes along nicely with the rest of it. ( Stick Figures New Album is dropping in June )  I lost battery power in the Flipcam about half way through the trip, so the second half was recorded via my Nikon D5000 hanging on my chest.  NOTE TO SELF:  Bring a lot of batteries next time and convince someone to help me capture video.  Hope enjoy!!  Let me know what you think.

This is my latest edit.

All fish were caught on the Brook Trout pattern and released to swim another day.

Until Next Time...... Tight Lines to All !!!

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