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Early Spring fishing Report --  Summer has officially began  
--  Trout MaGee's  Fish Totals --

O.K.... first off I wanted to start out by asking how everyone likes the new font size and color.  After reading a post at O.B.N. about such things as background and font size/color I decided to take the advice and roll with it.  Please let me know if this new setup is easier on the eyes than the old bright green font.  I hope it works for everyone.  I personally liked the way it looked as soon as I changed it.  I decided to make my fonts the different color of fly lines that I like. The size is a little larger than what I wanted, but the next choice was just to small.

 Todays post is just a quick cap on some of my favorite things so far this spring.  Some of my favorite holes, fish and other things along the way.  A lot of the pictures have been in posts from before, but I chose some of my favorites out of them to highlight what's been going on in The Catching Chronicles so far the last 3 1/2 Months.  I hope you all enjoy.

Here are some of my favorite holes so far this season.  I look forward to discovering as many new holes as I can this summer.  I look forward to bringing all of you there to.  

 The next batch of photos are of some of the bigger fish I have brought to hand so far this spring.  I am and will always be in search of some of those lunkers sitting deep down waiting for a Trout MaGee special to float by.  I know your in there and I'm coming to get ya!!

 Although I am a sucker for catching and searching out the biggins, there is plenty to be said about the fish thats beauty out weighs the size of it.  I am always amazed at the different look to each trout.  The different size of the head all the way down to the size or shape of its tail.  Here are some of the fish that really caught my eye. 

Alright so that covers the big fish and the most beautiful fish.  But what about those poor unfortunate fish that just aren't quite as attractive or symmetrical.  The fish that when you catch it you kind of feel sorry for it.  Not because you think it is ugly, but just because there's just something about it.  Here are a few examples of the fish I speak of.

With almost all the basics covered, I feel there is one particular type of fish that deserves some mention.  This is the fish that bites at the last moment after all the other fish have rejected what your serving up.  This is a fish that is completely tricked as soon as your fly comes drifting down stream on top of the water.  It spies your fly and realizes something is wrong.  All you see is a flash of gold that instantly tells you where that one fish is sitting.  You get 2 chances at most.  Sometimes if the hook is not set on the first strike, your chance is lost.  The second cast down stream into the spot is your last chance.  The fly hits and I slowly raise my fly rod in the air, skipping my bead heads across the top of the riffles.  Bam.  Fish on.

This my friends is my favorite.  

The Drifters of Southwest Wisconsins Driftless

  Well those are some of the highlights so far.  I can't wait to get back out there and bring back some more. 

Until Next Time............ Tight Lines!!!


  1. That is one impressive highlight reel! Great photos...I really like the rainbow being released...beautiful fish.

    Nothing better than those drifters...and in the words you speak so often...tight lines!

  2. Sanders,

    Thanks a lot. I am always thankful for the drifters. Many a time they have prevented a skunk on the water. Tight Lines to you too. :)

  3. Your photos are amazing.
    I always feel like I'm there holding the fly rod.

    Your new setup is fine, then again I liked the old one too.

  4. I like the new font. Great pics too.

  5. Beautiful water and some equally impressive fish that came out of those spots. The last pic of the streamshots section is a killer looking hole , makes me wanna fish it!

  6. The one of the rod bending, from fisherman's eye-view is stunning! And yep! I like the new blog-do. ;)

  7. You have come across some very good looking spots this spring from the pictures !

  8. Your photos are done very well. The pics of your fishing holes are like a slice or sampling of fishing across this country. The browns are all beautiful but I'm personally always drawn to the brookies. Nice post.

  9. The pictures are great. I can see why you like the fish and fishing spots so much. Keep pics like those coming.

  10. You take awesome pics, I need to get a better camera...

  11. New font looks great and your dark background showcases your AMAZING photos perfectly.
    Ok, I need to go look at all those pictures again...get inspired for the weekend!

  12. TM, I love the new look and I really love the photos. I need a road trip to Wisc.

  13. Put me down for #2, 5 and 7 of the Holee pics. I don't know how they fish but the picture is awesome! Great shots!

  14. Some really stunning pictures, a great blog.

  15. Late getting here, TM, so I will make this short and sweet. Great looking blog site, incredible pictures!

  16. New format is very readable. I should buy a clue.

    Fish size is always relative: to the size of the stream, the place, the species, the angler. For every child, a 10" trout is a TROPHY!

  17. The switch was a good one.

    Those stream shots were sick! Make my rod hand twitch a little...

  18. To all the people who were kind enough to comment on this post:

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on this post. My computer is running like molasses on a cold winter day. I have to also catch up on commenting myself. I think I have it all figured out now.

    Usually I prefer to reply to each comment and am sorry I was unable to this time. Thanks again to all my followers and for all of your inspiring comments.
    Tight Lines to all.


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