Saturday, November 19, 2011

Versatile Blogger Awards

I was recently awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Howard over at Windknots & Tangled Lines. Thanks again Cofisher.  He awarded six other Bloggers the same reward and said to pass it on.  I don't want anyone else to miss out on their chance at it so here are my 7  Versatile Blogger Award recipients :)  I based my decisions on which of the blogs I follow seem to really mix it up and always surprise me on how many different things they cover with each post.  If your blog is below could you please pass this on to your top 7  versatile bloggers of your choice.   If you aren't following these blogs already, be sure to check them out.

  Versatile Blogger Award goes to: :)

This blog is great. Great Photos, Fly Tying, Art in the form of Streamers, Food and wonderful Brook trout adventures in the North East.  Go check it out.

Fishing for Brook Trout is one of my favorite parts about this blog.  Tenkara fishing. Wonderful flies.  Trips to orchards and other adventures.  Go check it out.

The name says it all.  If there is anything you need to know about Dry Fly Fishing, this is the place to go.  Different techniques of stalking trout, different flies for each occasion, discussions on protecting the streams we fish.  Plus he has his very own fly line.  Awesome.  Go check it out.

 I really enjoy the writing in this blog.  He covers topics that we all think about and know need to be talked about.  Plus some great photography with wonderful fishing adventures in some of Colorados finest water.  I really enjoy the humor.  And don't forget about the Bulldogs ;)  Go check it out.

 O.K. now this blog is a great blog to check out if you love seeing every kind of beautiful trout that Utah has to offer.  Great posts on each fishing adventure accompanied with pictures that take you right there along for the trip.  I really like all of the different types of water fished.  Lets just say you have to be willing to get dirty and hike for some of these great fishing spots.  Go check it out.

This blog takes you all around the Ozarks and other great areas down  south on fishing adventures.  Fishing with his buddy Joe and sharing all of the great times with awesome photography.  Plus he likes to fish in Iowa's Driftless which I am a sucker for myself.  Go check it out.

Illinois Wisconsin Fishing
I really enjoy all of the different fish targeted in this blog.  If you are after smallies on rivers,check.  How about some trout in the Driftless, check.  Let's not forget about some beautiful Salmon and Steelhead river running from the lake.  One of my favorite things is his willingness to tell you where to fish and what to use to catch the fish you are after.  Go check it out.

O.k. so there you have it.  My top 7 Versatile Blogs.  I hope everyone likes my choices and no one takes them personal.  These are just a few of the awesome blogs I follow.  To see more fishing adventures from all over the world check out my blog roll at the bottom of my page :)

Until Next Time......Tight Lines to all.


  1. Congrats on your award. Well deserved TM. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. Beautifully written, stunning photos of the driftless, and a strong dose of family values, nothing is missing. Thanks for the consideration on your list of 7.

  2. Ah...glad to see you're back on-line. You forgot to post the 10 things folks don't know about you and/or your blog. Curious minds want to know...

  3. Well done, richly deserved. Another blog worthy of such an award for my money would be

  4. Congratulations....and Thank You for thinking highly enough of my blog to pass the award on to me. Yourself and so many others out there put out such fantastic work , from amazing photos to literary works of art , that it's an honor to even be considered for this. It's great to know that my senseless musings on this passion of ours is appreciated by others like yourself who feel the same way.

  5. Trout MaGee....Congrats!!! A well deserved award. I appreciate the nod my way also, thanks very much! I already have in mind my seven and will post them soon.

  6. Well done my friend! You deserve the recognition for sure. I always enjoy seeing your new posts pop up, as your blog is one of my favorites for sure.

    Thanks for showing Up the Poudre some love as well...the dogs and I really appreciate it!


  7. Blake,
    Thanks much man. Keep all those great winter fishing posts coming:) That Pike River sounds like a dope river.

    LUckily Google fixed the mistake :) I will get on those ten things right away :) Thanks again, Tight Lines.

    Thanks much. Howard actually nominated MysteriesEternal already so I thought I would spread the love around :) A Great blog for sure though Tight Lines.

    Thanks much. Keep all those great fishing adventure posts coming :) I especially enjoy seeing pics of the camping food cooked up. Tight Lines.

    Thanks much. I look forward to your Brook Trout adventures each week. Keep them comin:) Tight Lines.

    Thanks a lot. I enjoy seeing your posts pop in the blog roll as well. Feels like I'm right there on the Poudre too :) Tight lines.

  8. Hey congrats on the VBA! And thanks for the nod as well. I'll have to throw my 7 together.

  9. I missed this post! Sleep walking perhaps?

    First: Congratulations to you. Recognition very well deserved and rightly given.

    Second: Thank you for your very welcome award to my blog. It is most encouraging and brought a lump to my throat when I eventually realised what was going on. I am filled with gratitude and not a little pride.

    Regular Rod

  10. Here's a link to my blog with extended writing about a couple trips I did recently. We caught some very nice trout in the 2-3kg range. If you like the blog please share it with your friends. I have only just started it so there's only a few posts but I intend to continue blogging as I fish this season.


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