Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"LET'S DO IT !!!!"

When my younger bro (Jonah) came over today and asked if I wanted to head out in search of trout for a few hours at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon and after a long night of thunderstorms, the only thought that came to mind was,"Let's do it!"  We loaded up the gear and headed out for my nearby stream.  I stopped on a bridge further down on the stream and discovered it was quite brown and running muddy.  Oh well, I decided to head upstream and hoped for the best.  When we arrived at our destination I was happy to discover the water was not nearly as bad, but still stained enough to make it a lot easier to sneak around without being spotted.  We hopped out and headed for the first hole.  We only ended up fishing about five holes on this trip but they were so productive that it took up most of our time.  I stood on the bank and watched as my bro pulled some beauty Brookies and Browns from two dank holes.  It was a short trip, but man was it fun seeing all of those fish taking the fly at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The water was nice and cold and the fish were active.  Here are a few pics of our adventure. 

Caught this with his Conehead pattern trailed with a small nymph.  The fish loved it.

Brook Trout - The Magicians of Camouflage.

Nice healthy Brown

Healthy Little Brown

Underwater Net Shot :)

All sorts of things for the trout to hide in on this creek.

Little Drifting while waiting to move down stream.

Only a few minutes on the stream and the fish were more than cooperative.

I was super happy to see this fat female Brookie full of eggs.  Released to do its part during the spawning season coming up.

Really liked the Adipose fin on this healthy Brown.

Jonah caught this little Bluegill in the very same hole as the Brook Trout.  This is the only Bluegill I have ever seen in this stream.

Driftin Away.

My new set of wheels to get me to "My Local Stream". 

Until Next Time........Tight Lines to All  !!!!


  1. I really love how you point out something...something unique...about each fish. Thanks! And nice new wheels. ;)

  2. None of my brothers fish...You're lucky to be able to spend the day fishing with him.

  3. Nice method of transportation! Trout ain't bad either. I LOVE that netted brown pic, would make for a nice header.

  4. I really like the white outlines of the spots on that first brown, beautiful!

  5. bluegill in the trout stream- awesome day with your brother.

    love the new font on this post

  6. Diggin the new ride! Does Fishpond make saddle bags for bikes??? That little blue gills tail looks like he's had some close calls with a dinner date. Always a good read! Keep it coming.

  7. Nice size female brookie for that stream. Both the browns and brookies are all beauties, nice job.

  8. Always nice to see some of those drifters. The netted trout is a fantastic photo! The new transportation isn't bad either...ha!

    Glad you were able to get out with your bro and bend a couple rods...well done!

  9. Is that a 125? Nice fish and post.

  10. e.m.b.
    Thanks much. I always have a hard time putting on a few pics of fish. They are each quite unique in their own way. Tight lines.

  11. Cofisher,
    Sorry to hear your bros didn't fish. I've been fishing with mine since I was a little tike. It was a fun time for sure. Tight lines.

  12. T-rage,
    Thanks a lot. I will keep that in mind for my next header switch. Gotta love an old dirtbike :) Tight Lines.

  13. Blake F,
    Thanks a lot. Some of those fish are the same in the pics. I think their is a close up of that one down a little further. Tight Lines.

  14. Blake,
    Thanks man. I have seen bluegill in a few streams before. Dropped by a Blue Heron perhaps or maybe a pond escapee. Glad to hear you like the font. Tight Lines.

  15. FWE Kevin,
    Thanks much man. That bluegill is definitely a scrapper for sure. That's a great idea for Fishpond. Tight Lines.

  16. Kiwi,
    Thanks much. My bro hot the hot hand that day for sure. Those Brookies were a surprise for me. Always love seeing them in any stream. Tight Lines.

  17. Sanders,
    Thanks a lot. Drifters never fail me. That dirt bike is a great quick way to get to the stream. Just gotta keep my eyes peeled for the po po :) Tight Lines.

  18. Kev,
    Thanks much. Good eye. It's a 1997 KX 125. Fast as fast can be :) Good ole 2 stroke and powerband. Tight Lines.

  19. Wow, it's uncanny how much you look like one of my friends, whose name is Jonah. I had to chuckle a little when I saw that your brother's name is Jonah.

    Crazy, although not really a coincidence. Just struck me as interesting.

    Nice green machine! I need a bike for the same reasons you do, but I'd need a legal one. I want an old KLR650 with a baja tank.

    Great that you got to fish with your bro and pull some pretty trout out of them. Crazy to find a 'gill in the same hole as a brookie!


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