Friday, March 18, 2011

Early Spring Trout Fishing Southwest Wisconsin Spring Creeks

I would like to start this post by saying hello to all the fellow fisherman out there.
I grew up in southwest Wisconsin trout fishing since I was to small to understand that standing right above the trout while trying to catch one, was a bad idea.  Willow branch, some fishing line, and a night crawler.

Nowadays I do it a little different.  Although I must admit my technique when I was 5 was a lot cheaper!
I love fishing for anything with a fin on it.  One of the best things about fishing for me is the actual nature and scenery surrounding you while out on a fishing adventure.

Some people go to church on Sundays and some people, like me, go to a gurgling trout stream or catch a beautiful sunrise on a glass like lake full of wildlife.

I am stoked to say that early spring is here and the trout are getting active.  I live in Southwest Wisconsin
so the snow is melting quite nicely.  Not to fast, not to slow.

The creeks are higher than usual, but not that high considering there was a good amount of snow in Southwest Wisconsin this winter.

The Baraboo river is thawed out and looking beautiful as usual.
I will be heading out soon to try and pull some walleye out.
I will be mostly using artificial plastics, but may pick up some shiners or minnows.
Tips for early spring walleye fishing:

My buddy has a sweet kayaking/bike shop up in Wonewoc, WI.
You can take your wife/girlfriend  on a sweet trip down the Baraboo River in a kayak or canoe.  Ask for Jerimiah.  He will be more than happy to set you up and help you with what ever you need.

I am heading out today to hit up one of my favorite trout holes.  This stream is home to Brown, Brook and sizable Rainbow Trout.  Here is a pic of last spring at same hole:

Caught this lady on a 7' St. Croix Avid Series.  It was caught deep down in front part of hole.  I was fishing a 7.5' leader with a large nymph pattern trailed by a little trailer gray and pink nymph.  Got it back into water as fast as possible.  This hole holds quite a few large Rainbow.

Anybody else out fishing this spring I wish the best of luck.  I would love to hear about anymore fishing adventures going on.   I am so glad it is finally spring time.

Anybody fishing out in South Dakota right now.  How about Iowa?

Can anyone guess which southwest Wisconsin Trout Stream this is?:

Home of one of the biggest Rainbow Trout ever!

I will be back with new footage of all my new adventures.  Fishing Rules!!!!

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