Sunday, March 20, 2011

When the waters go down, the Trout will rise!!

Hello again everybody.

Today was a rainy day, and the streams are high.  Ummm let me rephrase that, the streams are super high and muddy.   Usually this will put a damper on the catching scenario.  So instead of grabbing for my rod and fly box, I decided to grab my Nikon instead,and catch some pics of nature in action.  Check out the pics and hang out stream side on a rainy day.

A couple of holes down and I came across this downed tree in the stream.  There is usually atleast one to two floods in the spring, so the erosion can become a problem in some areas.  Well atleast there will be a nice spot for the trout to hide.  I can't wait to lose about 50 flies in that tree.

The temperature today was about 45 degrees so the snow was melting and the rain was steady until about noon.  They are calling for more showers tonight. YIKES!! 

When I was out today I noticed a lot of the trees had moss growing on them and a lot of different mushrooms.
In some spots there's snow, in some spots green grass, and in some spots puddles of water.  It is spring time in full affect.

Does anyone know which kind of mushrooms these are???
Here's a hint:  They are growing on a birch tree.


HOW about these?

This mushroom kind of looks semi alien ish!

As I continue heading downstream I discover another downed tree in the middle of the stream.  The color of the tree against the muddy stream caught my eye.  I slowed the shutter speed down to about 1/4 of a second and used my tripod and remote shutter release for these pictures of some rapids.  The water was moving super fast and made for some nice subject matter.  This stream is usually a stream you could jump across at a lot of spots.  This is the upper head waters of one of my favorite streams.

Here the stream usually just goes around the other side of the tree.  Looks like things could change from the high water levels.  This part of the stream has quite a few smaller Rainbow Trout in it.  I hope they hunker down and hang on.  

 Here is a neat colored plant.
Any guesses?

They are calling for temps down in the low 30's for the end of the week.  Looks like by the time the water has dropped so will have the temp.

 I hope that next time I go out that the waters have gone down and the trout are on the rise!!!!

GOOD LUCK and Tight Lines to all.

Oh I have one more sweet pic of some of the wonderful things left behind by people who really care about preserving nature.

PLease If you see trash while out fishing or hunting, grab a bag and pick it up.  It only takes a few seconds and makes the scenery a lot more enjoyable.  

Until Next Time!!!!


  1. Hi from the North on england. The trout we have over here in answer to your question are Brown's, we have them in most streams and rivers, also clean lakes. In river systems that alow their migration a percentage run to Sea and return like your Steelheads? We also have the odd river now with Rainbows not many but they are around. I fish some small streams close to my home and over the next few weeks I will no doubt be blogging about them, after a visit with the fly rod. I see it's not just people over here that struggle to take litter home!!
    All the best from over the pond.

  2. Very enjoyable blog & the pictures are just great


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