Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still Colder than a Polar Bears Toe Nail!!!

Hello everybody.  Has anyone been out fishing this weekend?  Today I took a trip to Baraboo along Narrows Creek and into Rock Springs where Narrows Creek was anything but narrow.  It meets up with the Baraboo River in Rock Springs and then the Baraboo heads towards Baraboo.  The Baraboo River is extremely high.  Narrows Creek is a great Small Mouth creek.  It also has Brook Trout at the top of stream.

I also went on a little hike along the top of one of my local streams.  Everything up top of the stream was nice and clear.  It was a touch high, but not to bad.  This part of the stream does not hold that many fish, but I like to check it and see if the Beavers are slowing down the stream with their insane dams.  

For the most part I didn't see a whole lot of beaver, but came across a lot of spots where trees were down in the stream.  It seemed like every other hole.

It was a pretty day out today.  There was significant cloud coverage and the wind was whipping!  
The cold is sticking around and I cant wait to see it go.

I caught to small browns today, that was it.  I only stayed out for a short time, since I was quite under dressed for the frigid temps.  

I plan on heading out tomorrow on a part of stream where I should have some good luck.  

uNtil Next Time!!!! 

Come on 70 degree days early morning rising.

 Tight Lines to all!!!
What up Bone Dog?

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  1. That last pic is really great. Looks very majestic.


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