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So things are thick on the streams in SW Wisconsin right now.  I have read other blog posts from around the area and one thing on everyone's mind is the G dang Mosquitoes and the Gnats.  A lot of people are heading off of the streams and on to warmer water sources.  Going after the smallies and large mouth.  I can't say I blame them.  The last few times out I couldn't swipe the bugs out of my face fast enough.  I have tried to keep a positive attitude while being attacked, but some times it really is a thorn in the side to deal with.  I know of a few spots close by to chase some smallies but  I can't imagine that they're not full of Mosquitoes and Gnats too.  Either way I go about it, I am  going to have to deal with them.  I have heard of some tricks to keep the gnats at bay.  Such as Cooking Vanilla, BenGay and smoke always helps.  So I  have learned a few things on my last few trips and have semi figured out how to keep gnats from hiding behind my ears and any where else they so choose.  Hopefully this way I will be able to concentrate on my fly line instead of itching my newly formed bug bite lumps. 

It definitely helps with the gnats,but isn't the most comfortable or cool.


So trying to ignore the fact that the bugs will bug me, I decided to get back to the streams and see what I could do.  I ended up going to a nearby river.  The Pine River to be exact.  I went to a spot on the river that holds fish of many different species. It holds some nice sized Browns too.  I went there the night before and scoped out the area and ended up catching a nice 12 inch brown.  I cast towards some log structure across the way and let it drift down from me bending like a rainbow.  As I was swatting at the gnats I saw a huge flash of gold and felt the line tug for a second.  Ohh pooh.   It was a beauty of a Brown but I missed it.  It started to get dark fast so I packed things up and headed for the Subaru.  I did not want to get stuck out there in the dark.  The grass is a foot over my head and it really becomes quite the task to just walk.  Luckily I stumbled on some deer paths and was able to find my way quickly enough. 

I would end up awake late into the night tying up some special deep diving bead head nymphs for a Big Ole Brown to chew on early morning.  So a plan was hatched.  I would wake up about 4:00 a.m. and head to the river with box and fly rod in tow.  Fish until  it heated up  or until the bugs drive me off.  I woke up on time and remembered all of my gear.  So far so good.  When I first arrived the bugs were  no where to be seen.  Ok. Well maybe a few were out and about.   

The morning was just beginning and the river was absolutely beautiful.  The fog was thick and the sun seemed to bring everything it touched to life.  Spider webs sparkled and grasses glowed in the sun rays.  The river looked a little high, fast and muddy.  Whatever.  No big deal.  I would still test my luck and see if something was willing to bend my rod and come out for one of my photo ops.  I cast a few into the hole where I had caught a monster the year before.  Nothing.  Maybe it was a little to early I'm still not sure.  I kept trying for about 5 minutes then moved on to the spot where I saw the Monster from the day before.  Nothing again.  No rises, no flashes.  Oh well.  So onward I crept until I arrived at the hole that I had landed a small trout the night before.  First cast in nothing.  Second cast in and Boom,  a huge snag!  The river is too deep to go wading so snap went my flies.  Tied on a new set and tossed them deep to the lunker and Boom, another snag!  Snap Crackle Pop.  So I tie on my special fly I had been waiting to test and then it happened.  A major snag in a major way.  SH@@#1!!#%^#%^&%$&^& er!  It's o.k. it's just a fly.  Just tighten up the bend and snap the line.  Everything would be alright.  I pulled hard and all of the sudden there goes my fly line.  What the $$%^!  I watched my fly line slowly sink into the water into the deep dark brown depths of the river.  So long WF end of my entire fly line.  How could this happen.  I just got this fly line and was super pumped on how well it was working.  I threw my pole down in disgust and started swearing at each and every gnat and mosquito that was attaching itself to my skin.  I wasn't sure if I was more pissed about getting a skunk this way or the fact that now I will some how have to convince my wife that me spending another 50 bucks on fly line makes sense somehow.  After further inspection I realized that there was a groove wore into the end guide of my rod and it was razor sharp.  It literally sliced my fly line clean.  After discovering this I let out a few more cuss words and was just standing there in total disbelief.  I still don't understand how a guide on a $300 fly rod wore all the way through.  One to many tight lines I guess.  I have no clue.  I just picked up my pole and decided the rest of the day would be spent with my eye pressed up against my Nikon.  Had to make the best of one messed up situation.  Anybody else ever have this happen to them?  If so I would like to hear about it.  Here are some of the better moments from the early morning rise.  Hope you all enjoy them. 

Here are a few fish I have caught lately on my local stream.  I promised them their 15 seconds of fame on Blogger and I always keep a promise :)

Until Next time(or until I get some new fly line :).......Tight Lines to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to give a shout out to Take Kids Fly Fishing for the great contest they put on for our young fly fishermen/fisherwomen.  It was a coloring contest and both of my kids were pumped to give it their best.  Oceans name was randomly drawn and he won a J.M. Cremps Mesh Youth Fishing Vest.  We were all super pumped to hear the news and I just wanted to say THANK YOU very much from Ocean and all.  Congrats to everyone else.  Tight Lines.



  1. Aw, man! Guides ripping up the line? That's the worst!

    Thanks for the photos though. You bring out a side of Wisconsin I never would've known about otherwise and I have family out there.

  2. i will say that the warmwater wading ive been doing recently has been completely bug free, what a difference. with the salmon coming close to shore it might be late summer or fall before i head out west. i did invest in a complete camo mosquito proof body suit though just incase im inclined. until then my trout dreams will be carried out by you and a few others. tight lines

  3. Your photos are wonderful.
    The bugs are just protecting the wilderness, I guess.

    Thanks for giving those browns their do.

  4. Great pics fish and post as always.

  5. The bugs can really drive you crazy around here too. I find fishing in the cool of the morning helps a lot. I also picked up some Ben's 100 recently, it's supposed to be powerful stuff and can sometimes cause a skin reaction so be careful

  6. Sorry to hear about the guide and fly line, I have never had that happen. Never even thought it could happen. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to convince the wife that a new fly line would be a good investment :-)

    Great photos as always...glad you kept your promise!

  7. These next few days before the fly line arrives will be touch and go...Trust me it is worth the money to buy new fly opposed to an addicted fisherman being cut off from his stream!!! Not much convincing necessary!!! Gotta love it!

  8. Loah,

    Thanks much. That really sucked watching the fly line sink into the depths. Wisconsin definitely is one of those states with a lot of hidden beauty. Kind of like Utah. Glad you enjoyed. Tight Lines.

    What area does your family live?

  9. Blake,

    That is good to hear that the bugs are leaving you alone on the warm water spots. That mosquito suit sounds like the bomb. I will try to get out on the trout streams some more, but if the bugs don't back off I could be heading in your direction. Thanks again and Tight Lines.

  10. Brk Trt,

    Thanks much. Your right. They are called BUGS after all. Just doing their job by BUGGING us. That top trout in the pics just got approached by a movie director and will be starring in an upcoming film :) I guess he owes me! Tight Lines.

  11. Hey TM. I feel for all of you that get eaten alive by mosquitos and gnats. My wife is like that. She can't go outside without constantly swatting. I, on the other hand, am rarely bothered by bugs. Must be stinky old blood. Nice pictures.


  12. Kev,
    Thanks much. Always glad to hear you enjoyed the adventure. Tight Lines.

  13. Mark,
    Sorry to hear the bugs are buggin you over that way too. The vanilla helped for the gnats. The mosquitoes not so much. If I had to pick one or the other to deal with I would choose the squitos. Those gnats are terrible. Thanks again. Tight Lines.

  14. Sanders,
    Right on man. I was completely baffled by my disappearing fly line. Almost threw up :) The mistress of the stream has really got a beef with me I guess. Either that or maybe I will discover a camera floating by in the stream with the name Sanders written on it:) The stream taketh, now its time to giveth. Thanks again and Tight Lines.

  15. Bird,
    I am sure the wifee will be more than pumped to get me off the couch and back onto the stream where I belong. Fly line comes and goes. The summer late night fishing, not as often. Hopefully I will be back up and running in no time. Thanks again. Tight Lines.

  16. Shoreman,
    Thanks for feeling our pain. I think next time I head out I will wear some dirty clothing and skip the shower. Maybe that will help keep the gnats away. I thought about wiping mud all over me but I had to go to the store afterwards and didn't want to freak people out. SWAMP THING. Thanks again and glad to have you back. Tight Lines.

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