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Yesterday we entered into a 5 day excessive heat warning.  It is supposed to get into the mid to high 90's with a real feel of over 100 degrees.  Sounds like great fishing weather.  Right? Let's just say the one thing that this weather is good for is doing nothing at all.  Just sit there and hope your blood doesn't start to boil.  Well I can only handle doing that for so long before I start to go stir crazy.  Fortunately they were calling for a thunderstorm to roll through on Sunday evening.  So I figured this would be my best chance to get out without getting to hot.  I ended up leaving the house at about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday and went to kick it at a nearby stream.  I jumped in my ride and cranked up the A.C. on the drive over.  When I stepped out into reality, it hit me like a Mike Tyson K.O. punch in the face.  It was still a blazing 95 degrees out and didn't seem to be cooling off at all.  When I looked to the sky I instantly heard some loud rumbling from the clouds pictured below.  I crossed my fingers for some raindrops and hopefully no lightning.

I watched the clouds for a couple of minutes and didn't see any signs of lightning.  I completely ignored the fact that where there's thunder there's lightning.  Those just must have been a bunch of gun shots I was hearing earlier.  Yeah that's what it was.  So off I went into the 8 ft weeds and flowers.  The clouds continued to roll in and the sun soon was disappearing into the Western hills.  I watched for signs of life, but didn't really see any fish rising.   

As I was sky gazing I saw a cloud in the sky that looked like a smiling fish.  I took this as a sign to keep fishing and maybe I would be rewarded.  Why else would the fish be smiling?  Maybe it was because it saw how I was dripping in sweat and trying to fly fish in super high weed action.  Either way, I continued on taking it as a positive sign. 

I decided to try out a new fly I tied up late night.  This particular fly is a creation inspired by some of BrkTrt's inspiring bomber flies from his Brookie 5 Pack.  Small Stream Reflections. (A great blog with beautiful streamers, great pics and tasty food.)   I didn't have all the materials required for the Ausable Bomber fly, but I was able to create some patterns that looked similar.  Kind of.  Still need a little practice before I achieve my desired fly.  So in it went.  Floating down into the holding spot of the fish.  Then I saw an instant flash of gold, but no take.  Then I threw it in again and drifted down in and Bang, fish on.  Not a huge brown, but any fish on this boiling hot day was fine by me. 

I continued to fish this hole but didn't really see any more activity at the time.  It was still a little ways before the sun was completely gone, so I hoped the fish would start biting better once the water started to cool off a little.   I had to get in the creek and just cool off for a bit.  It was so hot out that the water  didn't even seem to be cold after wading a while. 

I headed upstream and continued fishing into the deeper more shaded holes.  After not seeing a whole lot of top water action I decided to throw on some flies to get down deeper in the colder holding spots.  At a few holes I saw the flies being attacked but was to slow on the hook set.  I was using what I like to refer to as my ghetto rig.  It was an old fly rod with just enough fly line left on the reel to get to some closer spots.  I think I scared a lot of fish today because of the fact I had to get so close to the hole due to a shistery setup.  Oh well my new rod tip should be here soon, I HOPE!!  I have brand new fly line waiting to be tossed around through the air and I can't wait to try it out.  I got a great deal on some Orvis line. 

As darkness settled in I had a feeling the fish were just about to get active.  Not wanting to worry my wife and kids that something had happened to me, I decided to head back from the way I came.  I quickly started wondering back and saw a deer bolt out of the darkness and bounce through the stream.  It scared the crap right out of me.  So long as it wasn't a cougar, I'm happy.  It get's kind of creepy walking in the dark along this massive bluff that goes along the whole creek.  While walking along the stream I started feeling some raindrops falling on my head.  Finally the rain decided to come out and play.  I quickly rigged up again and sent my set of flies down into one of my favorite holes.  It was pitch dark against the black wall of limestone, so I was counting on sound more than anything.  Splooosh.  Fish On!!  I set the hook and reeled it in.  Pulled my camera out from under my jacket and snapped a few pics of this wonderful fish that was willing to pose for some shots. 

It seemed like the rain stopped right after I hooked up with this fish.  I was tempted to toss in again, but decided that it made more sense to B-Line it for the ride.  By now it was after 9:30 and I was looking forward to ditching all of my sweaty gear.  All and all it was a successful, short, beautiful trip.  I think pretty soon I will head out fishing at 9:30 p.m. and stay out till the a.m.  I've heard this is a great time to catch the big huge nocturnal Brown trout. 

One quick side note:  Even though the heat really sucks, at least the bugs didn't seem to be quite as obnoxious this time around.  Plus some of the weeds are dying from drought and are easy to knock over.
I have been basing whether or not to head out a lot on the barometer pressure.  But that's a story for a different time.

Until Next time..............Tight Lines to all !!!

Here are a few pics of the cruise over to the stream.  Enjoy

This last pic is for my wife to enjoy while she is away at work.  Sorry babe no smellovision yet!  Bird gets pretty sick when she is pregnant and can only eat certain foods.  Luckily she loves and is able to eat some of my homemade Cheddar Broccoli Potato soup.  


  1. I agree with you on the heat. It's nasty here too.

    Looks like you nailed that Bomber, from what I see the only thing missing was the Rust Aussie Possum.

    I'll email you some info on that stuff.

    Your header photo, WONDERFUL

  2. Hey Magee, that was a nice post. I love the browns and they certainly make it worthwhile to possibly loose a little sleep to try a few.

  3. Sounds like a nice little outing and that last fish was a beauty. Great pictures as well!

  4. 95 degrees is rather disappointing. At least you got to cool off on a river and slay some trout. Brk Trt's flies are great and i have taken a few fish on the bomber.

  5. Absolutely love that last fish picture. And the soup looks pretty good too.

  6. night trips dont seem like a bad idea, that last trout was a big dawg

  7. That was a beautiful brown, congrats! When it gets that hot I think I would put the rod down ask the fish to move over and give me some room to lay down in the stream next to them. But persistance can payoff once in a while. Nice job.

  8. That brown was awesome...kinda scared me the first time I looked at it...ha! The bomber looks pretty good, gonna have to tie some up. Really nice post :-)

  9. BrkTrt,
    Thanks a lot. I tried my best on duplicating the bomber. Seemed to work pretty dang good. I may add a little more calf tail next time. Glad to hear you liked the header pic. That's my son Ocean when he was about 2 years old. Tight LInes.

  10. Cofisher,
    Thanks much man. I am starting to think with it so hot out, I may have to take a lot more night trips. Nice job winning that sweet hat on OBN. Tight Lines.

  11. Bill,
    Thanks much. Sometimes the shorter trips are nice. Sometimes I get carried away and stay out way to long. Glad you like the pictures. Tight Lines.

  12. Savage,
    Hopefully it wool cool off sooner than later. Oh how I miss those wonderful early spring days, no weeds,bugs or heat. Thanks. Tight Lines.

  13. TRage,
    That last trout picture turned out better than I thought it would. The soup is delicious and the wifee loves it. Tight Lines.

  14. Blake,
    Thanks man. Looks like I will have to start heading out as soon as the darkness falls. Maybe I'll get lucky and land a monster. Tight Lines.

  15. Kiwi,
    Thanks much. I agree. If my pockets weren't full of important things I probably would have ended up swimming with the fishes:) Tight Lines.

  16. Sanders,
    Thanks bro. I was starting to get scared out there late night myself :) I really like those bombers BrkTrt ties up, and the streamers are dope too. Tight Lines in Montana and good luck.

  17. Hey the Brown was awesome (really liked the underwater pic) but I was super into the Tiger Swallowtail you captured on that Pine!I've been noticing some great butterfly shots.Tell your wife I feel bad for her to be pregnant in this wretched HEAT!
    -GRey WOlf

  18. Grey Wolf,
    Thanks mandoo. I still haven't seen anymore Monarchs since I last talked to you. A Damn shame! Hows the new little one doing with this shistery heat. It's days like this that make me wish I was back in Oceanside chillin on the beach with a Slurpee and a surf board :) Cali here I come!!!!!! Stay cool Bro and Tight Lines.
    -Grey Eagle(I will do a rain dance tonight)

  19. Great post and pics. Dealing with those excessive heat warnings here in Kansas also , ready for fall already! Love that last shot of the brown underwater , really cool photo work.

  20. HIghPlainsFlyFisher,
    Thank you very much. I heard the heat warning is going to wear off tomorrow. I can't wait. Stay cool and tight lines.


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