Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EASY AS ...1-2-3 !!

Day 1

Late Night Trip

The moon was full and it made it so I could use the moon to do some moon writing.

The creek was ice cold from all of the late night low temps.

Caught this Huge Brown stick.  It was at least 30 inches. :)

Late night Scrapper.

Tough fightin little fella.

Day 2

Hanging out with the kids.

First thing we discovered bug wise was this.  It was actually dead and stuck to my bumper.

It was a windy day so Ocean decided to give the spin pole a try.  No results.  The fish were holding tight.

For part of science class we decided to see what the stream life was looking like.  Every rock was full of life.

Does any one know the proper name for this creature.  I ended up switching my fly to a yellow one that matched this.  Instant results.

Sephora being brave and pointing out the life form on the bottom of the rock.  Braver than her father.

There were a ton of these on the rocks.

Looks like something from the movie Aliens.  Any one know this creatures name??

She just loves to release the fish back into the water. Remember when children handle the fish, that they wet their hands first.  

Day 3

Rainy Day Hat Trick :  Trout Style

This bridge made for a nice spot to hang out while the rain was falling.

This hole was looking better than ever, especially when the rain was hitting the water.

View #2

View #3

This was a neat little spot to duck down into and just listen to the stream work it's magic.

One of the many Limestone Bluffs that line the streams edge.

As the rain came down the mist began to form and rise up out of the valley.

Bridge view of a great hole.

Fall is on it's way and harvest season is almost upon us.  More food than the deer can handle.

I wish there were as many days left to fish as leaves on my wind shield. :(

The first Brookie of the day.

Second Brookie of the day. 

Thanks to this little Rainbow for helping me out with a Hat Trick.  I'll take it. :)

Healthy little Brown that insisted on being part of the trio. 

With less than 11 days left for trout fishing, I was happy that I was able to score a hat trick.  Even if the fish weren't the biggest, they were still a wonderful sight.  I have noticed fish of all sizes in this creek and it looks like it is healthier than ever.  

Until Next Time...............Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful pics, as always. I don't have the exact taxonomical reference for those flies but the yellowish larva is likely some sort of caddis larva. The other bug looks like a Golden Stonefly.

  2. Good to see you're enjoying what's left of your season. It's got to be a crazy feeling; not being able to catch some of the best brown and brookie fishing of the year on your favorite creeks.

    Sorry, man. Nice group of fish/pics though. The kids look like they're having fun.

  3. Gonna be there in a couple days to end the season.
    As always ,looks great...

  4. TM,
    Wonderful post.
    I believe the Alien is a yellow stone.

    You could see the wonder in the face of your daughter, as she held the trout.... Priceless.

  5. My Dad used to fish with something that looked like the second one and he called it a Hellgrammite. Being Entomology stupid (never calimed to be anything else)that's all I can input.


  6. I think you call those insects trout food. Looks like every one had a great time. How do you cast in those tight quarters at night? I do a lot of salt water fly fishing at night but everything is wide open.

  7. TM, you're killing me...week after week with the beautiful photos. Great job. It's fun to see kids enjoying as well.

  8. Great pics TM. I wish I had water close to me that looked like that. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go on trips with me.

  9. Awesome! Beautiful photos and good looking fish. Glad you are enjoying the last few days of the season. Cheers!

  10. Great Pics man! The bugs as best I can tell, yellow is a type of Caddis and the second looks like a clinger type of Mayfly not totally sure though but only the Yellow one has a deadly poisonous bite, just kidding!!
    Good stuff as always!
    By the way when is the new baby due?

  11. Steve Z,
    Thanks much. Appreciate the bug input. I need to study up on the different things present in my local streams. Tight Lines

  12. Loah,
    Thanks bro. It definitely is tuff not being able to fish during that time of year, but at least I have Iowa to fall back on :) Things are gonna change sooner or later, I can feel it. Tight Lines.

  13. John,
    Thanks. Hope you have a pleasant trip to the Driftless. Best of luck to you. Look forward to the report. Tight Lines.

  14. Brk Trt,
    Thanks much. I am always thankful on any information on bugs of the trout streams. Appreciate it. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture of Sephora holding the fish. She get's more excited about releasing a trout than she does when you tell her she can have ice cream :) Tight Lines.

  15. Shoreman,
    Thanks much. I hear you, I am terrible at remembering names of all things. Thanks for the input. Appreciate it. Tight Lines.

  16. Savage,
    Thanks much. Trout food indeed. Fishing in the dark can be tricky. I have a lot of the creeks I fish at night memorized pretty well. Usually not to hairy of spots either. Just cast and hope for the best :) Tight Lines.

    Thanks much. It is always a blast when the kids decide to come along with me. Tight Lines.

    Thanks a lot man. Glad you enjoyed it. Tight Lines.

    Thanks a lot man. It definitely helps living close to the water. The kids will love going fishing with you. Their eyes light up. Tight Lines.

    Thanks much man. You know all to well about how short our season is. Gonna have to do something about that. Tight Lines.

    FLE Kevin,
    Thanks man. Appreciate the input on the bugs. The baby is due in February and we find out if it is going to be a boy or a girl soon!! Can't wait. Tight Lines.


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