Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well Fall is fully upon us.  With a few days left for trout season, I have been trying to soak it all in for the long winter ahead.  My attention has been spent mostly on all of the things that surround the wonderful experience that is fly fishing.  Fish have come to hand and slipped back into the water just as quick as they came.  The action is back and forth.  The early mornings have been chilly and the afternoons have been partly sunny with a gentle breeze.  I have been heading out when ever I have the chance and all times of the day seem to be a good time to be out on the stream.  The clouds rolling by make you want to lay back and watch the sky as you drift off into a early afternoon nap.  The Geese are heading south and the rest of the birds are flocking together as well.  The smell in the air is crisp and it fills your lungs with some of the freshest air you will ever breath.  I have been sticking to the public spots this last week due to the fact that it is bow season on White Tail deer right now.  I like to stay off of the spots where I know the land owners hunt.  Nothing sends a deer the other way quicker than the sent of a human.  The leaves on the ground and the cool air are a reminder to start stocking up on firewood to keep the homestead nice and toasty this winter.  Although I can't fish the streams in the snowy wonderland, I still plan on getting out there and taking photos of the beauty that comes with freezing temperatures.  I like to use this time off as a time to scope out new streams.  The crystal clear water gives you a really good view of what is swimming around in the water below.  Since I can't fish for them, I really have no concerns about spooking them.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled for those big ones roaming about.   Here are a few pics from my last couple of escapades.  Hope you enjoy.  

This Butterfly was holding on for dear life as the wind was blowing hard.

This poor thing jumped into the ice cold water and quickly sought refuge on this rock.

If only you could eat all of the mushrooms out there.  All white, not a great sign for edibility.  Anyone???

When I snagged on this submerged branch, I was rewarded with someone's long lost fly. 

A small reward for patience and stealth in a hairy location.

These were everywhere on the trees.  Wish I was a mushroom expert.

This spot is where two streams come together.  Go right, or go left???

So much for forming a V.  These guys were outa here!!

Limestone Bluffs make for some great holes and fly fishing.

I went to the top of this creek and kept looking until I found what I was in search of.

These next few holes were gems hidden underneath a canopy of Willows, Populars and Big Oak Trees.

Hole #2

Hole #3

How big will this one be next year???

Hole #4

Late night bombing never fails.

Small healthy Brown.

Clouds of every shade fill the sky and seem to blow in every direction.

Until Next Time.........Tight Lines to All !!!!!


  1. There's advantages and disadvantages to living in California. One advantage is trout fishing all year long. I won't go into the disadvantages.


  2. This will be nice to look back on when there is nothing but white and brown everywhere! You really capture the essence of the Driftless area with some amazing photography!!! BIRD

  3. Thanks for the input on my photo issue. I was able to reduce the size and keep the quality (appearence) using a program that actualy came with my camera. The season never closes in Missouri, You have an open invite to head this way anytime. I don't think you would be disapointed. Crane Creek or Current is awesome in the winter and a few creeks that only hold fish during the colder weather. Just let me know when your coming! My youngest daughter was born in February.

  4. Even though the season is coming to an end, I'm glad that you have some adventures planned for the colder months. You are always welcome to come stay with me if you get the itch to fish a little this winter :-)


  5. Wisconsin streams are out of this world. Damn shame we don't get a little longer on them.

  6. The markings on all those trout is so colorful----the rest of the pics are ready for framing--I am one who likes to fish the small streams, great post as always

  7. Killer pics as always. The way time flies , that next season will be here before you know it....Jeff

  8. TM
    I can't wait to see your "off season" offerings.

  9. I can see the change of seasons taking place my self. Make the most of the last few days.

  10. Wonderful pics as per usual, and really pretty little fish.

  11. Nice write-up. I can't help but feel somewhat depressed for you though. Poor guy.

    I look forward to the winter wonderland pics to come...

  12. Ok, that's it. I'm going to look into moving around there.

  13. Shoreman,
    I hear you man. Not being able to trout fish for 5 months is the pits. What are you gonna do though ;) Tight Lines.

  14. Bird,
    Thanks Babe. I can't wait to see that snow flying and the boards and boots coming out. Some ice pictures perhaps ;)

  15. FWE KEvin,
    NO problem man. Glad to hear you got it all figured out. When I ever get a chance to head down that way I will get a hold of you for sure. Thanks for the invite :) We find out Thursday if it is a boy or a girl, can't wait. Tight Lines.

  16. Sanders,
    I hope to get out and do some trout fishing outside of the state this winter. If I ever get a chance to head out that way I will be sure to give you a jingle. I would dig chasing some greenbacks,rainbows,browns,brooks or even some greyling. Tight Lines.

  17. Brk Trt,
    Thanks much. Glad you liked them. Tight Lines.

  18. Blake,
    You said it man, a DAmn Shame for sure. Somethings gotta give sooner or later. Tight Lines.

  19. Bill T,
    Thanks a lot. The trout are really showing Fall colors quite a bit. Small streams are a great place to escape and just get away from it all while being blessed with natures beauty. Tight Lines.

  20. HPFF,
    Thanks a lot. It seems like a long time but really ends up coming quicker than I expect. I always hit up Iowa to make it go a little quicker:) Tight Lines.

  21. John,
    I hope they don't disappoint :) I hope to get out there and do some hiking. Tight Lines.

  22. Savage,
    The colors are definitely changing fast and time is flying by. I will make the best of it for sure. Tight lines.

  23. Witham P,
    Thank you very much. The fish are marvelous little creatures aren't they. Tight Lines.

  24. Loah,
    Thanks man. I'll be alright:) I still have Iowa wich is less than 2 hours away and is always like going to heaven with all of the snow and icy streams. Great times. I still will be counting the days until trout season opens. Tight Lines.

  25. Kev,
    The streams around here definitely make it hard to pass up. Winters are long and cold but at least you can still snowboard too. Tight Lines


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