Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today I went to a nearby stream and I decided to wear my new lucky shoes out.  Well I guess they weren't that lucky at the time, but soon would be.  The temperature of the air was just right.  The temperature of the water was perfect too.  I grabbed my fly rod and backpack and set off along the stream.  I couldn't help but walk super softly and as low to the ground as I could get.  Sneaking up on the holes like a Ninja :)  It looked like one of those perfect days for fishing.  Then again doesn't every day look like a perfect day for fishing??  When I arrived at the first hole I chose to sit down and just see what was happening.  No sign of any rises or activity that I could see.  I decided to throw on a Castle Rock Killer with a small trailer fly on.  I cast the flies up into the spot where the rapids spilled in creating a nice deep holding spot.  As I slowly retrieved my line I noticed to nice size Browns follow it into the still water area.  They looked as if they were going to attack it but then they quickly turned around and headed back into the deep water.  I continued fishing this hole for a little while and I was unable to hook up with any fish in it.  The fish just weren't that active yet, so I pulled out my wooden flute and started to play along with the sound of the stream and the surrounding birds.  I find this to be a good way to just relax and forget about the fact the fish weren't biting.  I sat there 
for about a half hour then decided it was time to move on.  So I packed it up and continued upstream to another favorite hole of mine.  On  the way I stopped and watched as hummingbird filled itself up on some Orange Jewel weed that was growing stream side.  Last time I was here I saw them feeding in the exact same spot.  I always love it when I see a hummer out in the wild.  I have yet to get a picture of one, but I hope to one of these days.  Maybe once I am able to purchase a nice big zoom lens for my camera.  I watched for a while and then ended up scaring it by trying to get a little closer.  Off it went up onto a branch in the nearby pine tree.  I figured I'd do the same and off I went up to the next hole.  After tossing the flies a few times with no activity to be seen, I switched it up and tied on a couple of new test flies.  One of them being a Bomber with a little plastic bead.  Yes, I am sorry, I put a bead on a Bomber :)  I wanted to know how it would work and I love testing out all kinds of different variations.  A few more casts and still absolutely no action.  Usually by now I would have at least missed a few bites.  Not being the hugest fan of retying flies on, I grunted as I tied my new set of flies on.  This time I put on a heavier Castle Rock Killer and trailed it with, well I can't remember anymore to tell you the truth.  It was definitely a fly of some sort :)  This time instead of stripping it and trying to give it some action, I decided to just let it drift in and just sit there completely still.  The flies were toed under into the dark depths and sat there.  NOTHING.  Get ready nearby cows, you may want to cover your ears.  I calmed myself and refused to give the line any sort of stripping or action.  Then out of nowhere my line shot the other way.  Pole in the air and the hook was set.  I put some pressure on the line and tried to get the trout up to where I could see the size of it.  No can do.  This fish wasn't about to let a 3 wt. fly rod decide when he was going to come up out of his deep dank holding spot.  I whipped out my net, I even surprised myself realizing I actually remembered to bring it this time.  I hopped into the water and fought this fish for what seemed like forever.  It was only probably a few minutes but we all know how long that is when your talking about all the ways you can lose a fish while trying to land one.  Finally I had to just quit letting the fish take line from me.  I knew there was a chance it could break my line if I pulled to hard, but there was a chance if it took off deep again it may be able to lose me in some tree roots or what have you.  With my pole bent in half I stretched out my arm and into the net it slid.  Pheeeewwwwwww.  I quickly noticed that this guy was hooked in the kype quite well and the Castle Rock Killer was holding tight.  This fish was in the 15-17" range but had a really nice girth to him.  One healthy looking trout.  After releasing the fellow safely, I sat down to recover from all the excitement that just took place.  I pulled out a huge chunk of smoked Salmon and made quick work of it.  Yummmo.  It hit the spot and I instantly felt like my energy was  back.  I made my way upstream and stopped at another hole with no results.  So I went up the next spot and quickly got my line into the water.  I used the exact same technique as I did with the last fish I caught.  Up into the rapids and let it bend into the hole and just sink deep with no stripping.  I kept the tension on the line and then I saw it go the other way.  This time it was a lot quicker of a strike and a lot more violent.  The hook was set and the fight was on.  I have only caught fish 14" and under out of this hole so far, so when I saw the gold flash of the trouts body I was surprised to see a good size fish at the end of my line.  I hopped into the creek and fought the fish from about 10' away.  Every time it would come close to me it would turn around and dart for the depths of the hole.  This can be scary because every time it does this there is a great chance that it will pop the hook. Finally I was able to slip it into the net.  It ended up being a nice healthy 19" Brown trout.  I got it back into the water and watched it as it fully recovered from our battle.  I finished the rest of the Smoked Salmon while I just sat and watched the trout in the crystal clear pool it swam up into.  I finally stood up and spooked the trout and watched as it darted up further into the hole so fast I could hardly see it.  By this  time it was starting to get later and I was left with only a handful of minutes before I needed to get home.  I walked back towards my ride and stopped to fish a spot I skipped earlier when it was sunnier.  Using the same method as before I watched as my line sank.  Then it went the other way and I set the hook.  All of the sudden this whopper of a trout came flying out of the water about 3' into the air.  It was too dark for me to get an exact read on how big it was, but I could tell by the huge splash that it was at least a 16" fish.  It landed back into the water and thrashed about on the top, while the hook decided to pop out and bye bye trout.  Oh well,  I reeled in my line and hiked back to my car with a huge smile on my face.  Next time my friend, next time :)  I wish I would have been able to get a picture of these fish, but unfortunately I dropped my camera into the water.  Just Kidding. :)  Here are a few pics from my adventure.  I hope you enjoy. :)  

Don't let the trout see this or your chances of catching them will be gone.

This fella was inside of my car as I locked the doors.  Broken but not Beaten.

This one was all sorts of broken, but was able to fly still, so definitely not beaten.

Can anyone tell me what kind of Berries these are????  I used to eat them when I was a kid.

This is the spot where the hummers feed on the Orange Jewel Weed on the right hand side of the bank.

A new trailer fly creation.

Sorry Brk Trt, I just had to do it :)

Here are those lucky shoes.  I was able to walk on water with them.:)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to walk on mud with them.

This is the first fish I caught.  What a girth on this beauty.

Released to swim another day.

This top shot shows how thick it was.

Smoked Salmon anyone????? So tasty :)

This trout is the 19" Browny.  The picture and my big hands don't do it justice.  Always amazes me how much bigger they are in real life.  Pictures help give you an idea at least.

This was from an early morning rise adventure.  So tasty :)

It's almost fall time in the Driftless.

Until Next Time.......Tight Lines to All!!!!!!!!!


  1. Bead on a bomber - for shame ! Actually, I fish them "wet" a lot of times with some good results. Try tying one with a peacock body and see how they do in your area

  2. Mark,
    It was a plastic bead so it still floats, but I too have fished the bombers wet and you are right they seem to work that way too. I will definitely try one with a a peacock body. I am sure it will work great on some of my favorite Brookie streams. Thanks for stopping by. Tight Lines.

  3. Great pics!! That breakfast sandwich looks hmmmmm

  4. Those berries are Elderberries and they are delicious. You can make a champagne style drink with their flowers and a red wine with them when they are berries, but I think they are best just combed off their branching stalks and eaten immediately by the handful.

    Regular Rod

  5. Dustin,
    THanks a lot man. That sandwich was a MCD's special. Bacon Egg and Cheese. Ohhh so good. Tight Lines.

  6. Regular Rod,
    Thanks for the "juicy" bit of information. I might have to try and make some wine with them. Quite tasty indeed. Tight Lines.

  7. TM,
    I can't fault you on the bead head Bomber, it just maybe the hot ticket in late fall early winter. Besides it looks great.

    Smoked salmon rules.

  8. Brk Trt,
    Thanks a lot. I liked the way it turned out. The Smoked Salmon was a great snack for a great day. Tight Lines.

  9. Bomber mod good!
    Story Better!
    Brown pics Great!
    Smoked Salmon, the Best!
    Hope some day we get to fish a stream together!
    Sorry about the mud shoe thing.

  10. Ha! You're quite a storyteller. Loved it and the photos as usual.

  11. Kevin,
    Thanks a lot. That Smoked Salmon was the bee's knee's. Luckily I was able to free it. That Driftless get together for Bloggers sounds cool. Tight Lines.

  12. Cofisher,
    Thanks a lot man. I like to tell a tale once and a while :) Tight Lines

  13. The berries are Elder-berry. In summer the flowers also make a wonderful drink. Elderberry flower cordial is a fantastic summer drink.

    Again a super post, with great pictures, well done buddy.

  14. FlyfishermanRichard,
    Thanks a lot. I will have to get the recipe for that drink :) How nice to be able enjoy something right fresh out of nature. Thanks. Tight Lines.

  15. Well, TM, been away for awhile dealing with some family issues and have sure missed a lot on your blog. Those are some beautiful Brownies' there, and as usual, your other pictures are top quality. Way to share the story with the rest of us!

  16. Mel,
    Thanks a lot man. Sorry to hear about the family issues. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the story :) Tight Lines.

  17. The markings on that brown and the stream it came from is beyond awesome. As usual outstanding pics not to mention the trout. thanks for sharing

  18. Those new shoes are definitely lucky TM. My version of your hummers are canaries...I can never quite get close enough. Awesome post...you never disappoint.

  19. Bill T,
    Thanks a lot. I love how different all of the Browns look. You never know what kind of unique markings they have until you see the pictures. Tight Lines.

  20. John,
    Thanks man. Some day I hope to get a picture of a hummer in the wild. I have them come to my feeders but they just seem so much cooler when I am out fishing. Tight Lines.

  21. Great shots again and I'm glad to see some bigger browns are starting to fill your hand. Way to go!

    Mmm, smoked salmon and wild berries. Lucky dog, you.

  22. Any day out fishing is a great day.Sadly i don't get to do much of that lately. Great story and awesome pics.

  23. The eats, the web and all the rest of the images is always worth the visit to your post. Thanks for sharing

  24. great shots, how do you keep busy after trout season closes?

  25. Loah,
    Thanks bro. The smoked salmon was delicious. Everything's better when it's smoked :) Tight Lines.

  26. A.F.Angler,
    Thank you very much. Hopefully you are able to get out and chase some trout :) Tight Lines.

  27. Bill T,
    Thanks again. I am glad you enjoy the pics. Tight Lines.

  28. Blake,
    Thanks man. I plan on doing some back country snowboarding this winter. I also plan on doing some ice fishing. I also like to head to Iowa when ever the opportunity arises. Tight Lines.

  29. Amazing photos as always! keep up the good work.


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