Sunday, April 17, 2011

All signs point to: GO FISHING !!!!

Date: April 17th   Air Temp: 40-50 degrees   Time: 8:30-12:00 a.m.

Today I was awoken  by the sun, yes the sun shining through the curtains.  I thought it was supposed to be cloudy and windy.  Well at least they got the windy part right.  The wind was whipping and the temp was low 40's.  Everyone is still asleep so I decided it would be a great opportunity to get some quick fishing in.  I made some coffee really quick and threw on some sausage and fried a couple of eggs.
I accidentally spilled some coffee on the counter and noticed it kind of resembled a fish chasing a must be a sign:)
Am I going crazy?

Everything taste better in Cast Iron:

I think I have been reading so many fishing blogs that everything is starting to look like a fish.
I headed out to one of my nearby streams and was ready to do some fishing.  Once I arrived I realized it was a lot windier than I thought.  Oh hell, oh well.  Grabbed my fishing gear out of the trunk and strapped on my camera.  Threw on another layer, this being my fourth layer.  The  wind was chilly and cut through my layers like a knife.  Maybe it will warm up as I hike.  The sun was out but was hidden most of the time, either behind a cloud or behind a rock bluff.  The water was a little murky looking but clear for the most part.  Here are the two main flies I used today.  These were trailed by a smaller nymph creation.

I fished a few holes and quickly discovered that this was going to be a difficult casting day.  Forget everything I know about casting and it is time to improvise.  The wind just couldn't decide wich way it wanted to blow.  I drifted a few into the rapids and down into hole.  No Bites.  Just huge waves on top of the water.  After no luck fishing the first few holes I decided to meander up to the next hole along a bluff.  It was still shaded which made my hands turn numb but apparently the fish were jiving on the still water pockets.  OK I will give it a try.  Figured out which way to adjust my cast and plunk a few flies in.  I ended up catching 4 fish out of the same little spot.  Right where the rock comes down behind first fish in pic.
First Brownie of the Day
After catching another one that got off right when I went to grab it, this was the next fish to come out of the hole.
Hump Back and Big Tail Fin

He put up a nice fight and caught him on the fly on the right from above.  Some  of the holes were to small to drift into on such a windy day so I decided to drift a fly down into hole from above.  Usually this gets the little ones to rise and take the fly at top of the rapids.  Here is a little one, so beautiful.
Tiny But Beautiful Markings

I continued fishing with reckless abandon.  The wind was just brutal.  I almost caught myself in the face a few times but was able to bend and adjust.  I have never hooked my skin on windy days but have had flies whap me in the side of head a few times.  Small price to pay.  The sun felt so good when it would appear in the sky.  I just had to keep fishing, even though my inner core was pretty cold.  Wheres my coffee when I need it.  Caught this fish on same fly as one above,right under a log.
Lost my fly in the tree above on my next cast in

Switched to the fly on the left to test it out and it also produced some results.  Here are a few fish caught on this fly.  
Picture Day buddy, Smile

This last fish was one of my favorites.  I had fished this hole and saw a fish go to strike my fly, but unfortunately my hands were both busy adjusting my belt and pants.  I ended up catching a fish out of the hole but it was not the one I had seen go after the fly before.  So I continued upstream and figured I would come back and tempt the fish again in a little bit.  After hiking upstream and making my way back I realized I had lost my lens cap. Crap.  Went back upstream, nothing.  Got all the way back to where I first discovered it missing  and there it sat.  Sweet.  Lost my tippet line too.  Found it on the way back.  Sweet.   I finally was able to get back to the hole where I missed the fish and tossed my flies in.  I landed it right next to the stump and BicketyBang.  Fish ON!  I am almost positive it was the fish I saw strike at my fly from before.  
I thought this fish had beautiful markings and the red on the fin was cool
I decided that it was about time to get to steppin and was unaware of the time.  Of course the sun started to stay out longer on my hike back and it seemed like the temp was up a good 10 degrees.  Oh well, you gotta get out and fish when you can.  Sometimes that means fishing at the worst times of day.  I guess that just makes it that much easier when you get to go out on the perfect day.  I love it all.  

This stretch of stream was hit with a trout kill, manure spill about 5 years back.  I love catching any fish out of this part of the stream.   I was super happy that there are some decent fish in here and not just fingerlings.  I think if I see wind in the forecast again I will make sure to head out and give it a go....  Until next time.....

Tight Lines to all.........!!!


  1. Great stuff. Sausage for breakfast. Next best is fish.

  2. I agree. I could eat fish at anytime of the day. Broiled Baked Smoked PanFried . Thanks.

  3. If I had to guess, I'd guess that what ever the temperature was, you forgot about it when the bite was on. Good looking fish, good looking sausage, and good looking water. A good looking day all around.


  4. Shoreman,

    Thanks a lot. It definitely beat sleeping in all morning. Its always nice to wake up a few trout in the process. They seemed excited to see me again.

  5. Beautiful. Those wild browns, with lots of spots, very handsome.

    The sausage looks good too.

  6. Brk Trt,

    Thanks much. It always amazes me how unique each fish is. Shape,color,size,its all great. Ever catch any tiger trout in your area? Those fish are wild pretty.

  7. Got to hand it to you, you toughed it out and the rewards were well worth it. Nice looking fish, and, yes they are all unique in their own way.

  8. Mel,
    Hey thanks. Once you make that decision to throw on the waders and head out, I think the only choice is to fish no matter what the conditions. Some of my best fishing has been when the lightning is striking. Although I don't advise it:)

  9. Glad to hear you got out, fortified by sausage. Great outing...those fish are beautiful.

  10. Really looks like it was a worthwhile day all round, from breakfast to the last fish. Like your flies, will tie some.

  11. Cofisher,

    Thanks a lot. I just about passed but glad I decided to go out. I was able to see a lot of signs of summer on the way. Grass is getting green. Fish are waking up.

  12. Phillip,

    Thank you. Glad you like the flies. Luckily so did the fish:) They were hitting about 2 inches into sink mode. High enough up so I was able to see the side shot of their bodies..

  13. Despite the chilly weather, looks like a really good day...awesome looking fish! seems that the improvised casting worked pretty well...nice looking flies as well

  14. Hey Sanders,
    As long as my guides on my pole aren't frozen shut I'm happy. JUst glad the fish cooperated!

  15. Haha awesome picture of the elusive coffee trout..looks like a brown! Did you eat ALL of those sausages, Samwise? Sweet fish,man, I'd recognize that thumb anywhere!!

  16. Aaron,
    Oh great comment waseesue, I am still laughing. Saved some of the sausage for Sephora:) Definitely a coffee Brown. Give a jingle and we will head out.

  17. Inspiring is what this is... just inspiring. On the other hand here with the opening this week the forcast is for five inches of snow today. Yuk. I refuse to fish under such conditions since conditions since a bad experience in Oct. on the Lamar river in Yellowstone N.P. :)

  18. Troutbirder,
    This stinkin snow just doesnt know when it has overstayed its welcome. Maybe you will get lucky and miss the white stuff. GoOD LUck!!

  19. The coffee surely gave you a sign of good things to come...maybe I should look for more of those kind of things!! Ha. I'm totally into the cast iron sausage...with a few hash browns and scrambled eggs!!!

  20. Cracking photos, something I am hoping to emulate.

  21. River D,
    Yes nothin better than cast iron. Next time I will add hash "Brown"s.

  22. Baslowfisher,
    Taking photos is definitely one of my favorite parts about being out with nature. Catching a fish or two is always a plus:)


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