Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some run for cover when they hear Severe Weather, I run for the trout stream!

Date: April 9 - 2011 Air Temp: 60's  Water temp: Hi 40's Low 50's  Time Fished: 5-8:30p.m.

 They are calling for Severe Thunderstorms again.  Great.  Just when the streams were starting to look tip top.  I know its already getting late, but I decide it is never too late.  I decided to head out to a stream about 40 minutes away.  I knew it would be a haul to get there, but it was worth the drive time.  It is a stream that is out in Amish country.  Then again I think every stream around here is in Amish country...  Thats fine by me because where there is a gravel road there is usually a sweet trout stream nearby.  Nothing but the sound of nature.....
Good Old Two Rivers..............??

Things were looking pretty good and no clouds rolling in just yet.  Lots of little risers. 
Lots of little Risers.....
 Got a call from a buddy that lives nearby saying he was out on the Kickapoo River floating down on a canoe.   I hope that he got to catch a few trout out there. Either way I am sure the canoe trip was sweet. I headed out and it wasn't long before the little risers were on the attack.
Healthy Little Brookie

Chubby Little Brown
Another Healthy Little Guy

This one really put up a fight:
Don't worry I released this one too!

A lot of the creeks where I live have natural springs spilling in, it seems like they are everywhere.  I always want to take huge drink from them, but prefer to stay parasite free.  I guess the camelbak will have to do the trick!!!! Maybe I will buy one of those purifying bottles.
Yummm, looks so tasty!

Since I got out there so late, it wasn't long before darkness started to set in.  Say goodbye to the sun.

I kept fishing until I couldn't see anything,  had to go by feeling.  I like to drift down into holes when the darkness creeps in.  I ended up with a few more fish caught using this technique.  This is when having a 3 wt. rod really helps due to the sensitivity of the tip.  It started to get hairy, so instead of losing a bunch of flies and leader I decided to make this my last hole.  I had to crouch and cast underneath the huge tree going across the hole...good old side arm technique.
Can't wait to fish this hole when I can see better...!

These guys just didn't want to stop biting... Fine by me.......
Looks like I caught someone out past their curfew.........!

All and all it was a beautiful night of being on the trout stream.  The fish look healthy and the stream has new holes.  I can't wait to discover what is next up around the bend.  It never did rain.. not yet anyway.  Until Next Time...

Tight Lines.....................


  1. Hey Magee!I can't believe you were out in my neck of the woods. Glad to see you found some fish, wish I coulda met up with ya..the canoe trip was great except the last half hour was canoed in the pitch dark and Andy lost his keys so we hitched a ride back to the car with the sheriff!!

  2. Really nice looking water for this trip. Fish were nice to boot. Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us.

  3. Great post Magee! Glad you had such a nice outing. By the way, I just made your photo of the sunset my desktop background...looks spectacular.

  4. Aaron,
    Glad to hear that your canoe trip went mostly smooth. Looks like I wasn't the only one on the water in the dark. I can just picture u 2 hitching a ride with the Sheriff..Oh man. Priceless! I will make sure I give more of a heads up next time I am out that way... Thanks for the comments...!

  5. Mel,
    The water is really nice in this spot. The two springs come together here and makes for some nice fishing. Thanks for your comments..Glad to share my adventures with anyone willing to listen...

  6. Cofisher,
    Thanks for the comments. Glad to here you like the pics. I caught a few nice thunder cloud pics tonight after a storm rolled through you might like. Luckily the storm didn't stick around our area enough to mess with "my stream". That will save me driving anywhere.

  7. Sounds like a pretty sweet day! Enjoyed reading about the trip...good pics!

  8. Sanders,
    Thanks for the comments. I enjoy sharing my fishing stories with anyone willing to read or listen..

  9. Haha! yeah the whole time we were all muddy and dead tired wandering through soldiers grove I kept thinking how Magee was kicking back on "my stream" having a wonderful time..shoulda know when my hood flew offa my car when talking to you it was gonna be a weird night.Awesome pics btw!

  10. Sounds like a nice time out and it's always a good day to catch fish like that!

  11. Troutdawg,
    Thanks. Sometimes I fish into the dark until I finally catch myself a tree branch. Anyday fishing is a good day for me!


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