Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flying Against the Wind...................

Date & Time Fished:    Monday-April-4th-2011    2:30-7:30p.m.
I woke up this morning and peeked out the window.  Dark skies and the wind is howling.  Never a good sign for a fisherman.  It seems like everytime the wind is whipping, you would have been better off staying home for the day.  Sometimes though a windy day may be the only day you can get out to get some fishing in.  So of course you take your chances and just be happy to be out in nature.  Well today was one of those days.  At around 1:30p.m. the sun started to poke through once and a while.  Hmmmmmm.  Still windy but the sun is shining through every once and a while.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  Maybe its a sign.  Bye babe, by kids Love You Guys,  grab a few of my new creations and off I go.  Since it so windy and I am not sure if I will be having much luck, I decided to head to a stream just down the road.  About 5 years ago this creek had a significant trout kill on it and quite a few trout were lost.  I always like to check on it and see how it is doing from time to time.  It is a tiny little creek that is a tributary to a Class A trout stream.  It meanders through pastures and forms some sweet little holes.  It doesn't get fished very much which usually leads to some fiesty fish.  I got to my destination and threw on another layer.  I decided to throw on a hoodie so that I could keep the wind from biting at my neck.  Waders on, lanyard,camera,camelbak, oh yah fly rod.  Probably gonna need that.   Off I go.  I decide to throw a quick cast down under the bridge.  Fish On! 
 Sweet, looks like this might be a good day after all.

The wind is still whippin, so I have to adjust and cast about 2 feet to the left of where I want the flies to land.  This can be tricky when some of the holes are only 3 ft. wide.   With the fish still biting at each hole, I continue upstream.  So far the creek seems to be looking very healthy.   I have caught quite a few ranging from 9-12 in.

I try a few more holes and they all seem to be holding some fish.  I always like to think that a tiny stream has big fish in it.  The sun continued to poke out here and there and made fishing super peaceful today.  After catching one fish out of a hole, I decided to cast back into it to see if I could get one more to bite.  This was the result.  Super Strong Hook Jaw brownie:

The fishing was so good that I ended up hiking pretty far upstream, and it was starting to get late.  Onward.  Once I got to a certain point the rest of it was new territory.  The curiousity of what is up around the next bend always keeps me going.

Whenever I am out fishing I look to the sky to see if I see any eagles or hawks above.  I believe that where ever there is one of these flying above, there is a good hole to fish below it.  I guess it was another good sign when I looked up and this was directly above me.  My Spirit Guide.

 I decided instead of walking the stream all the way back, I would continue on up to the next bridge, then jump on the road to walk back.  I kept going, catching some more browns.  By this time it was getting closer to sundown.

 Right before I reached the bridge I came across a really nice newly discoverd hole.  I pulled out this 13-15" Brown.   I caught it on one of my new creations so that was rad. 

 So I guess I learned my lesson today about fishing when its windy.  Everyday is a good day to catch fish.  Sometimes you just have to go with the wind instead of trying to fight it all day.  I will admit there were a few times I had to get my fly from the back of my hood.  Oh well..... At least I didn't hook my skin.....

Here is a picture of the Day:
Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?????????????

Great day of fishing,catching, and photo taking!!!!!  
The stream seems to recovering quite well and that brings a smile this guys face.
Until Next Time.................................


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