Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well hopefully soon the Lakes and ponds will thaw.  I am getting  pretty excited about heading on the lake at 5:30a.m. coffee in one hand, tackle box and pole in the other.  I love getting out there and being the first one out on the lake!  A lot of the lakes nearby aren't huge but are still a good size and excellent fishing.

Usually when I go out with my brother, he fishes along the shoreline about 20 feet out.  I always toss on a jig set up and sink it deep on the other side of the boat.  Slowly jigging off the bottom.  This is the reason I choose to fish like this most of the time.-
 When the bites cease to exist doing this method, I of course am not against switching up to the weedless worm and bombarding the banks.  It always produces results.  All of these pictures of Large Mouth Bass are taken from White Mound Lake in Sauk County Wisconsin.  It is a beautiful little lake.

Older Brother Taj

I love Bass fishing just as much as I love any fishing.  I love the amount of force the Bass puts into its strike.  And as if that is not enough, they never disappoint when it comes to putting up a good fight.  I like to use a light weight rod and 4lb test to fish for Bass.  I am a strong believer in Murphy's Law.  I figure if I catch a huge Bass on a tiny set up then it is meant to be.  My older brother always harrasses me about it, but hey I have seen him untie his knot on a monster Bass because he uses 12 pound test so he thought he could just wrench it into the boat...No such luck.....

                    Well now that I posted these pics I am even more excited.  I hope this helps anybody else who has the " I cant fish for bass in a boat, because the lakes are froze blues" excited to go.  I am looking for some deep dwelling lunkers this summer........................
Hopefully next time I post something about Bass I will have some Brand new pics...........................And a shredded thumb......


  1. No bass allowed here till opener 3rd week in May. Creek chubs are open though, although you can add those to the list of things I don't really eat like my long list of South Dakota "favorites." :)

  2. Of course the one fish no one wants to catch is open year round..figures. We used to call the Creek Chub: Horned Daise(something like that) and tweeters. We used to have specialized tweeter poles just to hunt the mighty tweeter..AKA Creek chub..ahhh to be a kid again...

  3. Nice bass lol. it looks like fun there. follow me please


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