Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ocean Fishing.....Young Ansel Adams..?

 So today was another beauty out there.  After sitting inside for most of the day like a bum, I talked the kids into going out on the stream by our home.  It was about an hour and a  half before the wifee would be home so I figured a nice little hike would make the time go faster.  Grabbed the fly rod and new creations and told my son  he could be the photographer today.  He seemed pretty pumped to be the man behind the camera today.  My daughter Sephora grabbed her soccer ball and decided that is what she wanted to do while out there.  Let's just say that there was not a whole lot of fishing going on today...... Oh well, here are some of the pics that my son Ocean was able to catch.......

 Forget fishing, throwing sand is a lot funner........

"White Buffalo" calf.  Actually this is a cow.
A Bald Eagle flew straight above when he took this one...

Little Guy on....
This is a reflection pic of a tree he took, I flipped it upside down and it is crazy......

Whooping Crane.........

Baby Brown....She just has to be the one to release each fish.....hilarious !!

Eyes to the sky......good day for a cruise...
I like how he captured the pine trees and beautiful clouds...

This is one I actually took.....what are they eating bro....?
Sometimes kids get tired of fishing.. I try to make sure that its not just the fishing that we are out there to do.  If they want to spook a good trout hole by throwing rocks, floating sticks, or just to play in the water, fine by me.  Like they say, " you know there's other fish in the sea, there is......."  I am looking forward to the next time we head out..  I had a great time seeing the trip through his eyes.....the next Ansel Adams...?

 Until Next time,

Tight Lines to all..............................................!


  1. It was beautiful out today,it's great to know you were getting the kids out in it as well. We drove down to the mighty Mississippi whichis looking pretty dang high. Ever fish the creek that runs through Romance WI? That would spice your blog up!

  2. Hey Bro,
    The Mississippi is supposed to get even higher...better watch out...! Never fished in Romance WI, but I will give you a jingle if I head over there....


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