Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NO TRESPASSING - No Hunting or Fishing - BUMMER!

 Date: April 13 2011 Air Temp: seemed like 100  Time of Day: 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm

 Photos from this post are by: Ocean Ewing

 Ok, so I can understand the hunting part, with guns and all.  But come on fishing too.  What a bummer.  Miles and miles of stream but only a small amount accesible to the public.  Ah the key word is public.  So suppose I stop and ask every farmer and household along every stream out there....?  That is the challenge I have set forth for myself this summer.  I am going to ask every last soul out there for permission  to fish.  I know a lot of people will say" I know a stretch that so and so lets me fish."  Not Good Enough.  I am hoping to be able to say" I dont really know a stretch that I 'm not allowed to fish."  Easier said then done no doubt.  Sometimes some of those wise old farmers can be a little intimidating.  Plus you have to deal with the people who come from out of state and purchase huge amounts of land with stream front, but the only time you see them out is when they are out plastering the native Wisconsin trees with NO TRESPASSING signs.  And for some reason the only time they are up visiting their "Pole Sheds" (aka houses that they hardly pay any taxes on) is when you decide to go out to the stream to see if the coast is clear.  And as you slowly cruise by in sheer amazement of the most gorgeous "hole that will never be" you see them throwing a "don't even think about it " glance your way.     Oh Well I have nothing to lose, and a ton to gain.
So today my first stop was a farm that had some nice pastured creek and ran up against a lot of limestone bluffs.  The see through water with the dark green holes...Yes I can picture it as I type.......
I asked the lady that was home who I should ask for permission to fish the stream on the otherside of the road.  She told me that they owned it and I could fish that part plus the other two parts on the otherside.  Ok that was way to easy.  Well either way thank you a ton.  One farm down, only about 200 more to go....

Since I had both of the kids out there today, it kind of turned into more of a scouting type deal... We were out at a really sunny time of the day.  The fish were easy to see and so were we...:)
I still wish I had half of the energy my 4 year old daughter does.  Even after being out in the sun hiking around all day, she still put up a fight before finally passing out for the night. 
We ended up finding atleast 15 good holes and a bunch of nice spots to stop and just enjoy the scenery.
My Son Ocean.......To be or not to be?? Deep in thought.

Looks like a great spot for a lunch...
After stopping for a bite to eat, we continued onward to what await us next up around the bend.  By this point it was getting a tad bit hotter than they forecasted.  Had to shed some layers and take a walk through the water to cool down the waders.
Is there something on my back???

These guys became best friends for a couple of hours.
One of the few small guys I managed not to spook.

We ended up catching about 3 trout and missing a few more.  The stream was beautiful as usual and all good things must come to an end.  We ended up coming to another spot marked with a butt load of NO TRESPASSING signs owned by someone else.  It was just a scotche to hot.  I will save that farm for another time...

I will try my best to post every new stream I get permission to fish on.  I can't wait until that one spot, that one stream, that next huge lunker, or beauty Brook... the fishing next adventure........ I suppose one of these days I will get turned down when asking for permission to fish.  In that case I will just have to strap on my chest waders and keep my feet in the stream.  Wisconsin laws are you must keep your feet wet at all times...if things start getting to deep I guess I could always float it:) 

Until Next Time.......

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  1. hey jobe,

    it's mom. i thouroughly enjoyed looking at and reading all this. i think you & Ab should keep doing what you're doing! forget sending the kids to school & let them continue to learn life through a much wider scope! love you all!!!

  2. Really enjoyed your post! I had a lot of the same issues when I was fishing WI before I moved. Tons of water....lots of signs. Don't let the man get you down...keep fighting the good fight!

  3. It's hard to believe how much more fun our kids are having being influenced by their parents and the Outdoors rather than stressed out teachers and four gloomy walls..its also cool that you are taking on the task of asking permission..nothing ruins a perfect hole faster than the possibility of getting sent packin! Awesome post Grey Trout Eagle Magee!!

  4. Hey TM. Didn't know, when you stopped by Northern California Trout, you were a Wisconsin boy. I, myself, am Kenosha born. I sure missed all the good trout fishing when I was kid. All I ever got was Crappie from a boat.


  5. I really have to hand it to you. You have set quite a goal for yourself with seeking permission to fish non-public waters. Involving the kids is a great activity for them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey TM, what a great idea. We often find the same thing in Co. If you take the time, many will fish their water. I always ask if they want me to save some for them if I'm lucky. Great post.

  7. "Ronald"
    Hey thanks mom. I plan on fishing this summer as much as I can.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. AAron,
    What up holmes. Heading out that way maybe this week..Maybe we will go patrol some new water..! Kids and nature go together like a horse and carriage...

  10. Hey Shoreman,
    Glad to hear you are a Native of Wisconsin. Plenty of good trout fishin still here..Crappie are still plentiful too.. Someday I hope to live Killa Cali, till then...

  11. Mel,
    I hope my attitude stays positive. Hopefully more people say yes than no. I love bringing the kids fishin. Maybe i will have my daughter do the ole puppy dog eyes when I ask one can refuse that right...:)

  12. Hey CoFisher,
    Once I was fishing a spot and the owner rolled up on his 4 wheeler. Said he would gladly let me fish, but I should ask first. Everytime I went back to that spot, I asked him. Finally he got so tired of me asking each time, he just told me I didn't have to ask anymore. Now I just ask people first one time...

  13. Thanks for all the great comments..Keep them coming.....!Tight Lines

  14. Man Jobe, Your pictures get better and better with each post! I can't wait to see them once the grass and trees are actually GREEN! (Although I think some of the photos on your Photo Blog are just spectacular, can you say MAGAZINE COVER MUCH!!!)I love your fishing and photographic spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sanders,
    So you know first hand its tough on a brother. Hopefully it can be done. How was Minnesota troutin?

  16. Fishing farm streams brings back memories of fishing "bull meadows" with Grandpaw. Good luck on the permission front and thanks for being upfront and asking first.

  17. Mark,
    Yeah I have seen and been chased by my fair amount of bulls,horses etc. "Bull Meadows" is a great description. Thanks for following!

  18. Great post, love to see the kids enjoying the outdoors with their dad. I fish wisconsin also and added you to my local blog roll. Great scenery the driftless area rocks.

  19. Hey Blake,
    Thanks, nothing better than chillin with the kids on a trout stream..Thanks for following..


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