Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brand New Speed Boat!!!! - Hail Storm!!!

Elephant Trunk Rock - Southwest Wisconsin

This weekend was my son Oceans 10th Birthday.  Best son a man could ask for!  YOu Rock!! Rocky Rococo's that is!!!:)

On Sunday we decided to go down to the stream and try out one of his new toys.  A rip roarin speed boat with twin engines...don't put fingers near propellers.  When we arrived at the spot where we decided to test the boat, the water looked like glass.  Here is sort of a picture story of what went down the rest of the day.  
Ready to Rock

Water is still looking smooth.

And it's outta here.  Roost anybody.

Finally something to do when Dad won't stop fishing ;)

Uh oh!  Let's hope this thing can bust some waves!!!  Getting choppy out there.

Decided to call it a day due to the creepy sky above.  Better safe than sorry!!

Thank goodness his new speedboat didn't get hit by this bad boy. 

Down came the hail and washed the spider out... NO DOUBT!!

Like it always does in Wisconsin the weather changed yet again.  Sunny skies and misty roads.

As the sun began to set I looked out my window and saw dense fog begging to form.  Had to go check it out.

Just couldn't help but grab the trusty St.Croix.... just in case I see a fish rise..just in case.

Got a little creeped out on the bank when I heard some crazy noise I have never heard before.  Like a cougar choking on a bone..

Flowers at night time...I think I will have to do these more often.  Beautiful even in the dark.

After all it is called the Catching Chronicles...right. :)

Almost got hit by lightning.  Just missed me..phewwwww!!  No seriously just a car passing by in the dark  :)

What a crazy day it was.  I still can't believe that my little boy will be able to drive a car in 6 years.  Better start looking for a mustang now.  He really likes the mustangs..  Although he likes the Subaru's almost as much as I do.  I guess I will worry about that bridge when I cross it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCEAN!! 

Until next time Tight Lines to all..........


  1. Happy B-Day to your son! And very cool pictures, thanks for the post.

  2. Great photos...love the way you captured the fog.

    Happy Birthday to Ocean, and I am jealous of that speed boat of yours!

  3. Wow, wonderful photos.

    Happy Birthday Ocean

  4. Kiwi,

    Glad you like the pics. Ocean says thanks! Tight Lines.

  5. e.m.b.

    Thanks a lot. I have the hardest time getting fog to show up. Getting a little better, but still need some work. Tight Lines.

  6. Brk Trt,

    Thanks much. Glad you like the pics. Tight lines to ya

  7. The picture of the road and barn with the mist is exactly how I think of SW WI, awesome photos!

    Looks like Ocean had a good time ripping it up on the water!

  8. Sanders,

    Thanks a lot. Many a morning I used to think about skipping work on some of those beautiful foggy morning back roads. In hindsight wish I would have:) I tried talking Ocean into letting me tie a fly on to the back..but no dice!

  9. GREAT PICS! That speed boat looks fun. The hail, not so much.

  10. Man TM, everyone is hitting their stride. So many wonderful posts and you've rung the gong as well. Great...just great.

    A little side note for Ocean (Happy Birthday)I once hooked up a rig with a boat similar to that. Had a small rod attached with a homemade trolling rig that would break off when a fish hit. Have fun with that.

  11. Like the others have said already, great pictures TM. Happy birthday, Ocean, you and dad look like a team out on the water together. Fine looking boat, too!

  12. Kev,

    Thanks, the boat was a blast. Of all the days not to park the Subaru in the garage of course it was the day it hailed. No dents!

  13. Cofisher,

    Thanks for the great compliment. I appreciate it. I have really enjoyed reading so many sweet posts lately too. Tis the fishin season:) Ocean said thanks.

  14. Mel,

    Thanks. Now if only I can get a real boat for my birthday:) That would be great. I'm sure Ocean would dig a large scale model.

  15. Troutdawg,

    Thanks a lot. Hoping to get out soon to get some more:)

  16. Rainwater,

    Glad to hear you like the photos. Tight Lines to you.


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