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Gear Review: COLEMANS - Mini LED Lantern - LED Flashlight - Energy Power Pack - 4.5V Power Cartridge

Recently I was chosen, by the O.B.N. for a chance to review one of the sweet packages from COLEMAN.
It included:  one High Powered Mini L.E.D. Lantern, one High Powered L.E.D. Flashlight, one Portable Electronics Charger, and one 4.5V Rechargeable Power Cartridge.

This was a prize package worth over $100.oo.  I was really excited to see the UPS truck in my driveway and couldn't wait to check out all of the sweet gear.  I know Coleman makes a great product and they have been making camping easier for everyone for years now.  So after some different adventures here is what I have concluded about the following products from COLEMAN:

First let's start with the 4.5V Rechargeable CPX Power Cartridge: 
Picture courtesy of Coleman

This is a rechargeable NiMH battery pack for use with CPX 4.5 Compatible products from Coleman.  As you can see from the above picture, this also comes with a wall charger and also a car charger for the battery pack.  This is great because you can keep those lanterns and flashlights glowing bright through the night with a simple plug into your vehicle.  No messing around trying to find a site with electric ran to it.  This is designed to replace 3AAA battery cartridge used in CPX products.  We all know how expensive running things on regular batteries can be.  It can be used in Colemans CPX  Lanterns, Flashlights, Electronics Rechargers, and Headlamps.  I really think this is a great design and idea and can see things heading this way in the future for most companies.  Again Coleman is ahead of the game on this one.

Next I would like to talk about the High Powered L.E.D. Mini Lantern:

Picture Courtesy of Coleman
  This "Mini Lantern" is everything but Mini when it comes to the amount of light put out by its Lifetime L.E.D. bulbs.  It has two different settings. High and Low.  While running lantern on high  it can last up to 10hrs.  When using on low this little bad boy can run up to 26hrs.  Of course this is compatible with the 4.5 CPX rechargeable battery pack.  Just another added bonus.  It also has a hook for hanging lantern upside down when needed.  Maybe in a tent or a tree limb.  This is also water resistant and impact resistant up to 2 meters.  Great for those people who love hiking in the night on a slippery river or stream.  One of the things I thought was handy is the Battery Meter that changes colors letting you know how much battery is left.  Its small size makes it easy to carry anywhere and is less bulky then most lanterns, but without offering less light.  When using in a tent to read, or relax I would suggest using the low light setting.  If you are out hiking in the dark, the high setting would be ideal.  I am very impressed with this lantern. Well built and great design.  Two thumbs up!!

Next on the list for review is this High Powered L.E.D. Flashlight:

Picture Courtesy of Coleman
 This flashlight too is compatible with the CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Battery Pack.   When I first seen the flashlight I was curious as to how well this would be built.  Once in my hand the flashlight felt light but well made.  This flashlight is made of  Machined aerospace-grade aluminum housing.    It also is designed with anti rolling, so when you set it down to fix a marshmallow onto a stick, it stays put and doesn't end up on the ground.  I also like the fact that it is Water Resistant.  I tend to stay out fishing in the dark a lot and seem to get stuck in the rain a lot.  This came in super handy the other night while I was trying to tie a fly on in the dark and it just happen to be raining.  If only my camera were as water resistant as this flashlight.  Plus lets not forget that it is also impact resistant up to 1 meter.  I drop stuff, a lot.  Now about the L.E.D. bulb power in this little guy.  Again super bright light output.  It has a beam distance of 157meters.  I darn near blinded my family when I first tested it out.  Word of caution, do not point at anybodies eyes if possible.  You just may be able to signal aliens from a different planet with this thing.  BRIGHT.  The only thing I could see that it could use was maybe the ability to change the light settings from high to low.  I give it two thumbs up.  Great Product and great quality.

Now Last but not least, lets talk about something everyone can use on any given day:
The CPX 4.5 Energy Power Pack. 
Picture Courtesy of Coleman.
 This device from Coleman is a Portable Electronics Charger.  It has a USB port for charging such things as an Ipod, Cell Phone, and other small electronic devices.  It to is also compatible with Colemans CPX 4.5 Rechargeable Battery Pack.  This to me is one of the most handy things I have seen lately.  I love listening to my Ipod when I go to take pictures and time after time I get out there and my Ipod dies without fail.  Well that is now a thing of the past.  I just plug in the USB cable and bickety bang.  Ipod charged.  Different devices means different charging times.  I am sure everybody out there has wished for something like this when the cell phone shuts down and says goodbye.  If you have the car charger with you it can be used to recharge this Power Pack so that you can take it anywhere with you.  Water and Impact resistant means you can toss it in a cargo pocket and head off on your next adventure.  I give this product and all of the above.  TWO THUMBS UP!!!  Great JOb Coleman.
Thank you for this sweet opportunity  both COLEMAN and O.B.N.  I enjoyed reviewing all the items.
Tight Lines to all!!! 

Check them out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.

 "Disclaimer Below"

This package was offered via the gear review contest from Outdoor Blogger Network free of charge.  I was not paid by Coleman or the OBN for this review.  I have field tested all of the above products and these are only my opinions on them.  I do not claim to know all and see all.  I just call it like I see it.  Hope these reviews are helpful.


  1. I wish I would see the St. Croix truck deliver a box to my house! Great job on the review!

  2. John,

    You and me both. I need a new 6'AVID Fly Rod for some tight spots:) I promise I will give it two thumbs up. You hear that St.Croix? ;)

  3. Other than coming with the smell of white gas, sounds like Coleman has thought of everything. Good review.

  4. Cofisher,

    Thanks. Oh the good ole white gas smell. Those are DANGEROUSLY bright. I remember coming back to camp late night and seeing a buddies tent damn near on fire with the whole camping area blazing bright. One two many beers. Patsy you out there?

  5. Coleman has always been on the cutting edge of outdoor products and this new batch looks like a homerun. Good review TM.

  6. John,
    Thanks. Coleman definitely has their stuff together. Can't wait to see what they come up with next. Tight Lines

  7. Great review...gotta love Coleman!

  8. Must have gear for the camper/hunter/angler.

  9. Sanders,

    You might have to grab yourself a lantern and head out night fishing for some cutthroats:) Can you say cougar spottin!!

  10. Jeff,

    They really do come in handy with a lot of different adventures. Plus the water resistance is good for all of us outdoorsmen/women.


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