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Frosty Nights and Trout Bites - ??

Date:  May 27th     Temp:  65 High      Time: 9:30a.m.- 12:30a.m.

Strawberries Anybody?????

The forecast for last night was calling for temps in the frost zone.  ?????????????  It is about to be June and we have had temps in the freezing digits for a few nights this week.  I am not quite sure what is up with the weather but you will not hear me complain about it.  No, because I dread 80 degree days here in Wisconsin.  Sometimes it seems as if you are actually breathing water instead of air.  The humidity is killer.  So as long as I don't have to crank up the A.C. you will see a smile on my face.  Now if you were talking about an 80 degree day in Oceanside, CA.  Let's just say goodbye fly rod and hello surf board!:)  I could still fish off a surf board right.  I guess you could call me Shark MaGee maybe.  Hopefully not Sharkbite Magee!:)  For now I will stick with the baby sharks of the spring fed streams here in the Driftless.  Home to the Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout,Tiger Trout, A Cuttbow Species???And Lets not forget some of my favorites when it comes to putting up a fight on a fly rod.

(Salmo trutta)

Most of the streams I fish are made up of about 80% Browns 15% Rainbow and 5% Brook.  Now that is not a scientific fact.  This only my experience with the streams.  I am sure their are more Brook Trout streams around but definitely not as many as there are Brown Trout.  Today the stream I went to is known for some nice Browns.  After waking up my wife and letting her know where I was going just in case she was dying to know, I decided to wait around a little while until the coffee was pressed and ready for sugar.  Ok, that was just what I needed.  Triple check to make sure I have everything and I am out the door.  Noticed frost warming on the strawberry plant's so I decide to stop and take a few pics.  Frost in late May, who da thunk it?

With that documented I decided it was finally time to get my duff to the stream.  By now it is past 9:00 and I probably missed the real good bite about 2 hours ago.  Oh well down the road I go.  Finally I arrive at my destination.  Hmmmm the water is super close to the bridge and it seems to be flowing fast and brown.  Not the best sign.  But I was already there and parked.  I decided to throw on something flashy and set off.
Representing  for TAKE ME Reminding everyone out there about National Fishing and Boating Week. June 4 - 12th 2011.  Take some one out fishing.  

Thanks again for the Boat Subaru Flag!!

After fishing for about 10 minutes in what seemed to be muddy water, I decided I was out.  With limited time available I thought it would be a better idea to head upstream away and hope the water was a little nicer.  I guess the heavy rains are still having an effect.  Ok so now its 10 o clock, whatever, the day is shaping up to look like a beauty and I am just glad to be out there hearing the birds chirping. 

There are two holes I was really excited to fish.  Last time I was here I missed a huge one and couldn't get it to take the fly again.  This time I was headed back and I was sure I would catch at least something out of this hole.  The bad thing about fishing some of these small streams on a sunny day is that once you pull out a fish or two, the big ones buckle down and stay put.  The hole is spooked and to the next one you go.  So when I got to the first hole I got everything set up.  Recently I won a flipcam from  the Take Me Fishing contest via the Outdoor Blogger Network.  I figured it is time for me to start getting some video of my mishaps and adventures and what a perfect way to get it started.  Thanks again!!

Kind of looks like War of the Worlds

Well I ended up catching  fish on the second cast in but unfortunately it was not the biggin I was in search of.  But still a wonderful little Brown none the less.  I did actually get footage of it but am unable to load it to the internet yet due to the fact that I am still stuck with Dial Up.  A 1 minute video clip is about 60 MB because of the HD involved.  At an upload speed of about 1kb a second your talking about a 7.5 hr period before it finally uploads.  Trust me I tried it last night and finally had to stop it so I could use the computer.  Man do I have to get some better internet service.  It is brutal.  Painful.  Exhausting.....   For now I will just have to take the laptop into a service area and download my videos then.  Sooner than later I hope.

  I actually lost the Flipcam today and had to retrace my tracks through super long grass.  After searching and searching I finally found it and the feeling of being sick slowly subsided.  While scrunched low to the ground I noticed a lot of activity on the flowers in the pasture.  The bees are definitely busy this time of year.  All thanks to our great friend pollen.  Having to wear contacts during this time of the year can be tough sometimes.  I am surprised any of my pictures turn out to be focused.   At least the bees don't have allergies.  

 When I finally found the flipcam,  I was left with about an hour to fish.  Today I had most of my luck with casting from the bottom of the hole up into the rapids.  Instead of stripping the flies,  I would let them sink and form a sort of rainbow in my line.  Letting it sit for about 10 seconds at a time.  Then when you are just about to give up and recast,  BAM, there goes the line.  Over the years of fishing I have realized there is one important thing you must have to be a successful fisherman/women.  Simple as pie.  PATIENCE.  Without this you will just be out there whipping a froth up on the top of the water.  This isn't a competition between two people.  It is merely a competition with yourself.  So instead of getting flustered and rammy about the fish not biting.  Just stop for a minute, take a deep breath,  think " What can I change about my technique to get these fish to bite."  Chances are exercising a little patience will be the key to your success.  Stop and enjoy the scenery.  The fish aren't going anywhere.  Unless you spook them of course:)

Here is a spot that I came across where the sun was shining through into the stream.  It was really peaceful looking and I wished I could shrink down and go swimming in the sun lit water.  


This is a natural spring coming from the top of the bluff.  I don't quite understand how but it is.

Well I caught a few fish, took some new pics and was able to find my flip cam.   That's one for fisherman and zero for the cruel mistress of stream thievery.  Now if I could just find all of the different pair of sunglasses I have lost.!  Maybe next time.   Probably not.  I have lost 2 pair of Arnettes, 1 Pair of Anarchy Eyewear, and 1 Pair of Hobie Sunglasses.   Better get off the stream while I still have all of my possessions.  Or do I????  

And I'm Out, Like a Trout

Just wanted to say thanks to Dustin over at Dustins Fly Box for the blog shout out.   Check out his tips and recipes for tying some great flies.   

Until Next Time........Tight Lines to all...!!!!!!!


  1. Great pics, and congrats on unsuccessfully losing your flipcam.

  2. Anthony,

    Thanks. I would have felt terrible if I would have lost it.

  3. I'm happy the heat has held off for as long as it has this year! I can't stand the mid summer humidity. Great photos

  4. Outstanding.
    Thanks for taking me.

  5. Blake,

    Ditto on the cool weather. Not great for the gardener but great for the fisherman/women:)

  6. Brook Trout,

    No problem. Thanks coming along on the journey. Anytime.

  7. Sure enjoy your photo's. Establishes the beautiful setting your in to chase those wily trout. Great work, TM.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Mel,

    Glad you like the pics. I try to make people feel like they're standing right there even if they are 2000 miles away. Tight Lines.

  10. Shark Magee! Great post...those pictures were really outstanding! Glad you were able to get the flipcam back from the strong grip of the stream thief :-)

  11. Great photos Magee! I'm glad you didn't lose the camera. Nice way to document a great day.

  12. Sweet images!!! Keep 'em coming!

  13. Sanders,

    Thanks a lot. It seems like the stream thief rears its ugly head at least once a trip. Got lucky this time.

  14. Cofisher,

    Thanks much. I felt sick wondering if it fell in the mud or even the stream. Luckily it landed in the grass. Pheeewwwww!:)

  15. Mike,

    Happy to hear you like the pics. More on the way:)

  16. Killer pics as always, but ya'll can keep that freezin' weather!

  17. Jeff,

    Thanks a lot. I am not a huge fan of the heat, but quite used to it. Kind of a like a bear stuck in hibernation :)


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