Monday, May 16, 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again!! To the Stream!!

Date: May 13th 2011     Temp: 60's Sprinkles/Cloudy     Time: 3:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Pose for my new header pic and say nymph.

After dealing with two straight days of 80-90 degree weather, let's just say when I saw raindrops on the window pane, I boogied off to the stream.  Camelbak check, pole/flies check, camera and keys check.  Throw on my wind jacket/rain coat,waders and I'm out.  I decided to go somewhere close by just in case a wicked storm rolled in.  Ever since I was forced to leave a stream earlier this week due to the reek of skunk and manure, I have had this spot on my mind.  So I decided that was the place I would go fish.  I arrived to sweet smell of the rain hitting the hot black top road.  The clouds were in the sky and the sprinkles were on and off.  My favorite kind of day to fish for some trout.  The water was nice and clear with just a hint of cloudiness to it.  I was forced to use the flies in my box that I usually go to when I am low on my favorites.   Whatever, I was just glad the air smelt so damn good.  Off into the woods where the limestone bluffs create beautiful holding spots for the finicky trout. 

Can you guess where they are??????

The grass is getting greener and the birds are out in full affect.  Some of them I came across were so colorful that I was actually having a hard time keeping my eye on the fly.  I missed a ton of fish because of these beautiful little creatures.

I believe this is an American Redstart (Warbler)
Another warbler.  Yellow Warbler.  Saw a little trout jump out right behind it.

I decided to fish downstream since it was darker and used different trees and shrubs to hide behind.  I missed quite a few fish due to my slow reaction time and the fishes method of feeding.   Flash after flash of gold and silver and here are a few that I was able to get hooked on.

I was just amazed at how beautiful it was outside.  Everything just seemed so alive.  As if the stream was speaking to me all day.  " Keep fishing, enjoy the sights and sound of the entrancing water flow."  So I obliged and continued hiking.   Stopped and just closed my eyes.  The rain was hitting my face and it felt great on my sunburn from the fishing trip before.  Nature at its finest.  Here are a few pics of some of the things I saw that caught my attention.  Hope you enjoy.

I ended up with some fish caught, some great relaxation and some beautiful sights.  Not to bad for a  FRIDAY the 13th.  Usually I stay home on Friday the 13th days but I am glad I decided to get off my duff and enjoy this wonderful rainy weather.  Maybe my bad luck part of the day was the fact that I used up almost every last fly in my box.  I better get to tying for the next adventures in The Catching Trout MaGee.  Thanks to all my followers and I appreciate all your comments.

Until Next Time....Tight Lines to all...!!  


  1. TM, wonderful pictures of your day from the trout, to the birds, flowers and surrounding area. Thanks so much for sharing the quality of your experience.

  2. Mel,
    Its my pleasure. It seems like there is something new every time I hit the stream. Its all so beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Great photos! Looks like those drifters were standing in line waiting to get their pictures taken...I miss the driftless!

  4. Sanders,
    Thanks. The fish around here are so trendy. Always wanting to get their pics taken:) Like their celebrities or something. Maybe you can convince the misses to head towards the Driftless for a fishing/mushroom hunting trip. Tight Lines man...

  5. Fantastic pics of all the things that made your day great. I miss the smell of a spring rain.

    Nice new header, btw!


  6. I suspect that if you're running out of flies, you'd better plant your butt at the vise and get on with it. Nice trout, by the way.


  7. S&D,
    Thanks a lot. Soon it will be fresh cut hay smell everywhere. Thats a great smell. Can't wait.

  8. Shoreman,
    You said it! I just tied some up, but had to watch them leave via the Mail to a customer. Oh well at least he will get to enjoy them. Alright off to the vise I go:)

  9. Trout Magee
    Nice fish! You've got a great eye, love the pics.

  10. lol, i just past a horse drawn carrige in vernon county last week. 2 thumbs up for the amish!!

  11. John,
    Thanks a lot. Glad you like the pics. Thanks for following too. Tight Lines

  12. Blake,
    Just imagine how long it would take you to get to the Driftless Area in a horse and carriage:) At least you wouldn't have to spend money on gas.


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