Sunday, May 15, 2011

" The MOREL of the Story" - Watch Out for Ticks!

Date: May 11th     Temp:  90 degrees    Time:  3:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

This is a quick post about my morel hunting/fishing trip I took with my younger brother on Wednesday.  We decided to head south a little in search of the delicious mushroom the MOREL.  The forecast today was calling for high 80's with chance of some showers.  Once we got to the area we were going to hunt for the morels we realized the ground was quite dry.  We hiked through the woods for a good 2 hours finding only under a pound of the mushroom.  By this time we were boiling hot and both looked at each other and had the same thing in mind.  Thank god we brought all our fishing gear!  So off we went with our mushroom hunting tails between our legs.  Off to a place where we could get in to some nice ice cold stream water. 

Younger Brother Jonah w/ Iowa rainbow.

When we got there  not  a soul in sight.  Probably because it was boiling hot out and mid day afternoon.  Didn't see much activity but we were going to try and change that.  I decided to leave my camera in the car because of the heat and I didn't feel like having the neck strap rub my neck raw.  Luckily my little bro had a nice camera phone and was able to capture a few shots of the many fish caught on this fine scorcher of a day. 

Caught this "Drifter" fishing down and across the rapids. A little bigger than my usual "Drifters"

One of the nice browns caught by Jonah.

We fished for about 4 hours total and had to end it a little earlier than we wanted.  As we were leaving you could see fish feeding at every hole.  We left happy knowing that we caught about 40 fish together during the hottest part of the day.  I can't imagine how many more would have been caught had we fished for 2-3 more hours.  Oh well I guess we will have to save them for another day.  We headed back to pick up our awesome kids and he headed back to Madison and I headed back to my home.  When I got home I cooked up a surprise for my wifee and we enjoyed every last one of them.  

Slice em, then soak them in salt water.

Get some butter going in a skillet.

While butter heats bread Morels in some flour mix.

Throw them in the butter and let them brown on both sides.

Sorry but I was unable to get a picture of the finished product.  As soon as they were done cooking they were gone just as quick as they came.  They were delicious and worth boiling to death for.  After we were done and lounging around I felt something on my upper leg.  OOh no its a deer tick imbedded in my skin.  Crap.  We pulled it out and hoped that it was only in me for  a little while.  These are the type of ticks that can lead to Lyme's Disease.  That my friends is the last thing I need right now.  I will be keeping an eye on the spot where I was bit and cross my fingers that no rash appears and that I got it out in time.  

Well that's my day of hunting the elusive Morel mushroom and hanging out with my bro and some trout.  The Morel of the story is always look out for ticks and never leave home without your fly rod!!!

Tight Lines to all.........!


  1. I got rocky mountain fever from a tick when I was 7 years old. Put me in the hospital for 2 months. What a way to spend my summer vacation. So... keep a close eye on it!

  2. Dustin,
    That sounds like a nightmare. I will definitely be keeping my eyes on it. Little Bastard things. Thanks for the advice. Tight LInes!!

  3. Seems like a lot of ticks already. The dog just brought in 3 in the last week. Time to spray the yard... Yummy shrooms!

  4. Those look like some delicious morels! I think it's time to go try my hand at finding some.

    Last year was my first time hunting and eating wild golden chanterelle mushrooms, which are fairly plentiful here in Oregon.

  5. Ticks! Something else to worry about.

  6. Blake,
    I wish I found as many mushrooms as I do ticks. That would be great. They were tasty.

  7. Nimrod243,
    I am a huge fan of every kind of mushroom. I am just to afraid to hunt them all due to the whole poisonous factor of some of them. Morels are easier for me to distinguish and quite tasty.

  8. Cofisher,
    Even though I have been dealing with ticks my whole life, I am still disgusted anytime I find one on me. Creepy little shites.

  9. The ticks seem to be really bad this year. I got one just in time before it started to burrow in this year. I'm so paranoid about them I actually stop fishing certain places because of the over growth of plants that carry them.

  10. What a delicious post.
    You have done yourself proud "Chef"

    Great stuff.

  11. Now thats what I was looking for ! I was there for the opener and it was just too early. The ramps were in full bloom and GOOD!

  12. mmmmm....morels! sorry about the tick...hopefully the little guy didn't do any damage. good lookin drifters!

  13. Kev,
    I hear you with the ticks. Unfortunately some of my favorite spots are really hairy. Just can't stay away from them little devils.

  14. BrkTrt,
    Thanks. Just call me Gorden Ramsey from Hells Kitchen:)

  15. John,
    Yes they say the mushrooms are running a little late. That just means there will still be some out there. Yummmmm.

  16. Sanders,
    Any Morels out your way? I heard they find them in the Pines a lot after fires out west. Always love trickin the big uglies into taking a drifter fly:)

  17. Here's hoping no bullseye rash appears on your leg! The morels look so good!! I do believe my mouth is watering....


  18. S&D,
    Thanks, Hopefully no bullseye. The mushrooms were pretty good.

  19. Obtain and carry a pair of O'Tom tick twisters. Safe removal with no injection of tick saliva as you unscrew the tick from your (or your dog's) skin.

    Regular Rod

  20. Regular Rod,

    Thanks for the great advice. I will be checking on line and seeing if I can find a pair. Thanks for following. Tight lines.


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