Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Got You Hooked On Fishing?

This is my National Fishing and Boating Week contest entry sponsored by Take Me Fishing and the Outdoor Blogger Network.  

When I first saw this contest I couldn't believe my eyes.  Write a post about something I love so much and win a chance at some kick butt stuff to go along with some great Blog exposure.  Can't beat that with a stick!

For this NATIONAL FISHING & BOATING WEEK I plan on doing two things.  Camping and Fishing.  Most importantly fishing with my family.  I will be making sure that I get the kids out on the water as much as possible.  To me there is nothing more important than getting the family out in nature and enjoying all the beautiful resources of water right at our doorstep.  Whether that be hiking along a trout stream or drifting along in a canoe while we search for Bass and Blue Gill.  Any which way it sounds like a great time to me.  

Casting Like a Pro and loving every minute of it!!

Nothing funner for a kid than catching some nice Blue Gills from a canoe.  Cheap too.

 It is of utmost importance to me to pass on my knowledge and love for fishing to my children.  I remember the first person to ever take me fishing was my Great Uncle Larry.  I will never forget it.  Riding down in the back of his pickup to the local backwaters.  Hooking on a worm and catching some pan fish.  Two other people that stand out in my memory as far as getting me "HOOKED" on fishing are my Uncle Gary and my Grandpa Dew.  I remember waking up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and wondering why in Gods name are we getting up so early.....All was forgotten as soon as we stopped for doughnuts and chocolate milk... Then onward to the Lake where the only thing I cared about was how many worms I had left.  Kids may complain about getting up in the dark, but I guarantee they will never forget it.  Down the road, each day that passes, the memory becomes more appreciated and longed for.  The sound of the Birds and the water and the splashes of fish are stuck inside their minds forever.  Although my dad loved nature as much as the next guy, I'm not sure if I remember him fishing too much, well I just remembered the time he pulled out a monster Pike up in some far off make believe like place on a lake in Minnesota.  I'm serious it was huge.    I am super grateful that these fine gentlemen took the time to take me out and show me what life is really about.  Enjoying nature at its finest and bonding with some one over something that can be enjoyed by pretty much any one.  Being able to forget about everything going on in this crazy world and to be able to just slow time down by drifting a fly or sinking a worm.  One of the most important values of fishing is the fact that it allows our youth to have something positive in their lives, no drugs,alcohol,violence, gangs all of these evil things lurking behind every corner.  Filling up their free time with important things.  Things that only help and do not harm anyone.  I am proud to be a fisherman and hope that my children, and my children's children continue to keep this tradition alive.  There is nothing better for a kid then some quality time spent on the river, stream, pond or lake with someone they love and admire.  Get them kids out there fishing and get anyone out there fishing that may need the push in the right direction.

This to me is what you call a perfect day of fishing!!

This is my beautiful wife Bird.  One of my favorite companions out on the water!! Skills to pay the Bills!

To me making memories that will last for a lifetime, PRICELESS!!
 Another great thing about fishing is the fact that it helps your children build confidence and gives you an easy way to give them some positive encouragement.  Helping them also understand that they can help preserver these wonderful resources by properly practicing catch n release and also proper harvesting.  Picking up trash and making sure these precious places stay the way they are for generations to come.  All of these are valuable lessons simply learned by putting a pole in a persons hand.

One of the most important lessons, how to get a snag out.  Pull tight, pull really tight, let er snap and pop goes the weasel!  Works every time!

I love how interested they are in the fish and getting it released properly.

Don't forget to have fun along the way!

Here is some one I got hooked on fishing.  Swallowed it hook line and sinker!

OK I will admit it,  I also don't mind catching and releasing a few fish myself.
 So I guess all I can say is go out and get someone hooked today.  They will thank you for the rest of their lives and will never forget it.  It is cheap to do and can change someones life forever.  That is what I plan on doing now and until the day I die.  

Until Next time       Tight Lines to all......     ______________________


  1. TM, I love the photos of the family. You're right this is what it's all about. Good stewardship and great memories. Good luck with the contest.

  2. Shoreman,
    Thank you. I hope your out fishing as I type. Good LUck.

  3. Cofisher,
    Thanks much. I agree. Making memories and catching fish, I will take it any day of the week.

  4. Brk Trt,
    Thanks much. They always add some extra excitement.

  5. Like the others have commented, sure enjoy the fact that you have a family commitment at heart when you speak of fishing. Great set of pictures!

  6. Mel,
    Thanks a lot. I'm sure in no time the kids will be blogging about how they caught more fish than I did :)

  7. Great story trout!! You are an amazing father! I didn't get to fish much when I was really young but my fondest fishing memory was from when I was 10 and my uncle fell off the dock in 25 degree weather strait to a splash... good times

  8. Dustin,
    Thanks man. Burrrr that sounds like a "cool" experience:) Great memories are made with every fishing adventure. Tight Lines......


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